Our summer schedule is here. Many courses are already sold out. Our focus for the summer has been on lower round count short courses, such as Defensive Long Gun Essentials, Defensive Pistol 1 Backup Gun and Skill Builder. Ammo availability and pricing is slowly improving.


Some of our fall dates are now online, including the October 19 triple combination of Defensive Pistol Skills 2, AT-2 Force on Force Scenarios and Low Light Shooting. These 3 courses fit together very well to provide 11 hours of training covering shooting skills and tactics in day and night situations. We only offer this combo twice a year, and we expect the courses to fill up quickly.


The following changes to Texas law go into effect September 1:

SB 1907 allows CHL-students to have firearms in their personal locked vehicle when parked on a private or public university or college parking lot.  A CHL-student could not be prosecuted but they were subject to the rule-making authority of the school and could be expelled.  

SB 299 provides language to clarify the unintentional display of a firearm by a concealed handgun licensee. The language changed from "failure to conceal" to "intentional display of a weapon in a public place" when force or deadly force is not authorized.

SB 864 reduces the number of hours for the initial CHL class. The bill does not touch the required materials, the written test, or firearm proficiency exam. Range qualification is still in place but no counts toward the required hours.  

In July we will be announcing updated pricing and course hours that will go into effect with September CHL new permit courses.

HB 48 creates in statute a process for renewing your CHL online without taking a renewal class. 

HB 698  requires access to digital fingerprinting not more than 25 miles from the applicant's residence and is limited to counties with a population of 46,000 or less.  This is specific to rural Texans who are forced to drive hundreds of miles for digital fingerprinting.  

HB 3142 repeals the SA/NA designation for the CHL license.  No more gun categories.

HB 1421 provides law enforcement agencies an option in statute to sell confiscated firearms to a federal firearm dealer (FFL) instead of destroying. After the cost of the sale and any other related charges, funds could stay with that law enforcement agency. 

HB 333 requires hotels and motels to provide advance notice if they prohibit firearms.    


There are still a few slots left in Lone Star Medics' Medicine-X Every Day Carry on Sept 28-29. The Med-X course is suitable for armed citizens with no prior medical training. It teaches essential skills for keeping someone from dying from a gunshot wound in those critical minutes before professional help arrives on scene. In active shooter situations, law enforcement will not let medics in until the scene is assessed to be safe. Laws and employer policies may prevent you from carrying everywhere you want, but you can put a few items in a briefcase, laptop bag, or even in your desk. Being prepared for violent situations includes more than just gun skills. This innovative course includes basic skills training, as well as live fire and force on force scenarios where medical skills are integrated.

"Non-shooting" slots are available at a reduced cost, for those that want to observe the scenarios rather than participate in them.


Frequent guest instructor Charles Rives returns November 9 for a 1/2 day knife overview course, and a 1/2 day "level 2" course for those that have previously attended his 1/2 and 1 day knife seminars.

BLOG-O-RAMA (so much content, so little time...)

John "Hsoi" Daub blog highlights

For Sale by student: Glock 22 (.40) with two 10 round mags, like new, $450. Contact us to get seller's contact information.

The dates for the 2014 Polite Society conference have been announced: Feb 21-23, 2014. It will be held in Memphis, TN at the Rangemaster facility. As always it will be an excellent 3 days of low cost training, provided by dozens of nationally known top trainers.

Hank Fleming (Hank's Guns in Austin) has Glock beavertail grip inserts that fit Gen 4 Glock 17, 22, 31, 34, 35, and 37. If you bought an early Gen 4 Glock and did not get a factory beavertail insert with your gun, you can buy one from Hank for $19.


May and June have been busy months. In addition to teaching classes, Karl was busy finishing the mixing and mastering of a new CD from Midnight Express. The CD features 8 original songs and 3 covers. The band's influences include Chicago, Blood Sweat & Tears, Steely Dan, Tower of Power, and classic albums rock bands like the Rolling Stones, Little Feat, and Joe Cocker recorded with horn sections. The 8 original songs can be purchased online on iTunes, amazon, emusic, and other online vendors. The CD was officially released on June 8th, when Midnight Express performed as the headliner at the Starlight Music Series show, at Wolf Pen Auditorium in College Station. The Midnight Express CD will be featured as the pre-class music for the next 30 days or so.

Stream it here


Another of the bands Karl plays with, Leannasaurus Rex, will be playing at Welch Park (Lake Somerville) prior to the fireworks show on July 4.

We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew