Defensive Long Gun Essentials

Course Description: This course provides instruction in essential defensive long gun skills. It is suitable as an introduction to defensive shotgun or rifle for the beginner, and as a refresher for those that have taken a 1- or 2 day defensive long gun course in the past, such as our Defensive Long Gun course.

Topics: safe gun handling, long gun shooting positions (standing, kneeling), mounting the gun quickly, default threat response, shooting from cover, reloading and malfunction clearing.

Length: 3-4 hours

For prices and upcoming course dates, check the schedule page.

Prerequisites: none

Required Equipment: A shotgun, 75 shells (birdshot), 10 slugs, 10 shells (buckshot), or a rifle/pistol caliber carbine and 100 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection. For an additional fee, we provide loaner guns, ammunition, eye and ear protection. Loaner equipment must be reserved in advance of class day.

We strongly recommend Federal "Flite Control" buckshot for those bringing shotguns.

Optional Equipment:

Taught by: Staff NRA certified instructor

Facility: A-Zone Range

Times: varies. Typically offered morning or afternoon.

Additional information: This course will be limited to 12 students.

Class After Action Reports: