The latest schedule is here. It includes classes planned from November 2013 - April 2014, including many guest instructor courses and special events.

ADVANCED TRAINING 7 - Nov 16th, 11 am to 2 pm

Our AT-7 course is 3 hours of scenarios similar to those offered in AT-2. It's limited to 8 students. It's open to anyone (CHL preferred) and AT-2 is NOT a pre-req. If you didn't get to attend AT-2 and want to try force on force training, a few slots are still open.

NRA DEFENSIVE PISTOL - Dec 14th, 9-1, $80

The NRA recently launched the new Defensive Pistol course that is a subset of their 2 day Personal Protection Outside the Home (PPOTH) course. It can only be offered by PPOTH-certified instructors promoted to NRA Advanced Pistol instructors. Much of the material in the course duplicates material taught in our own Defensive Pistol Skills courses. We've decided to offer the NRA course as a recommended refresher for graduates of DPS-1, DPS-2 or similar training.

The major benefits of attending this course are (1) you get a copy of the NRA's Personal Protection Outside the Home textbook, (2) the lecture portion of the course will include analysis of recent armed citizen events, law changes and other useful information, updated each time we offer the course, and (3) if you pass the qualification course of fire, you get an NRA Defensive Pistol Qualification certificate, showing you met a national standard for competence in defensive pistol skills.

The majority of the course will be on the range, including an optional run on our Three Seconds or Less test using your pocket pistol (or your hip holstered handgun).


In response to the success of the 1st annual conference, we are doing it again, bigger and better. More speakers, larger room to handle more people. KR Training assistant instructor Paul Martin writes the Suburban Dad Survivalist blog, covering not only firearms and tactics but also food, water, medical, financial and other topics relevant to being self-sufficient and resilient during those times when first responders, the power grid, the internet and other systems we depend on aren't available.

The conference will be at Cabela's on January 4, 2014, from 10 am to 4 pm. Registration is open now. There will be early bird discounts and final pricing will be announced very, very soon - will likely be $40 for one, $70 for two, going up to $60 a few weeks before the event.

The tentative speaker list includes KR Training's John Daub, Travis County Search and Rescue/Team Rubicon's Brian Brown, Tactical Arts' Leslie Buck, a food storage/food safety expert from Texas A&M, The Suburban Dad Survivalist himself, and a few more soon to be confirmed.


I'll be offering my annual NRA Instructor Training weekend, offering the standard package of Basic Instructor (6 hours), Home Firearm Safety Instructor (5 hours), Pistol Instructor (10+ hours), Personal Protection In the Home Instructor (8 hours). If you are already certified as a Pistol Instructor, you can attend the PP In the Home instructor by itself. Why get that certification? Because it's required for those wanting to get certified for the NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home instructor rating, which is the only NRA rating that allows you teach someone to draw from a holster.

BEN STOEGER - February 8-9, $400

We're bringing current USPSA National Production champion Ben Stoeger back for a 2 day competition pistol course on February 8-9. Ben's books on dry fire, his youtube videos, and his podcast are excellent sources of knowledge. Ben also shoots IDPA, so the skills he teaches in this course will be appropriate for all of the defensive/practical/action pistol sports.


I will be a presenter once again at the 2014 Polite Society Tactical Conference, to be held in Memphis, TN February 21-23, 2014. It's 3 days of training and a short live fire match, giving you the option to sample instruction from dozens of top tier trainers. There's no better training value available. Anyone that's completed DPS-1 has the skills necessary to shoot the match and attend the event. It sells out every year, registration is open now.

Last year the KR Training shooters placed 1st (Dave Reichek) and 3rd (Karl), and we've had someone in the top 5 almost every year since the event started 17 years ago.

MASSAD AYOOB MAG-20 - March 8-9, $450

We will be hosting Massad Ayoob in March, for his 20 hour MAG-20 classroom course. It will be held at the Norris Conference Center at Northcross Mall. Cost is $450 because tuition includes a catered lunch each day. Registration is open now. This is Mas's first class in Austin. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this rare training opportunity.

A GIRL AND A GUN CONFERENCE - March 21-23, $250

Karl and Penny will be speaking at the 2nd annual "A Girl and a Gun" Conference in Waco, March 21-23, along with many other trainers. AG&G has grown from a local group to a national organization over the past few years, doing great work creating local opportunities for women to shoot and train. Like the Polite Society conference, the AG&G conference will have many training opportunities and sessions, giving attendees the opportunity to learn from many different instructors over a single weekend.

THREE IN ONE COMBO (DPS-2, AT-2, Low Light) - March 29th, $220

As we do every spring we'll offer our three-in-one combo training day, with Defensive Pistol Skills 2, Advanced Training 2 and Low Light Shooting back to back on March 29th.

COMBATIVE PISTOL 1 (Tom Givens) - April 12-13, $400

Tom Givens of Rangemaster returns for another session of his Combative Pistol 1 course. Tom's had 63 students win armed confrontations where shots were fired, with a hit ratio over 90% - a record unmatched by any other trainer in the country. Much of what we teach is heavily influenced by his methods and techniques. Here's an opportunity to learn from Tom in person. Strongly recommended for those that have completed DPS-1 or higher level training. This 2 day course goes beyond our DPS-3 course, so if you've taken all 3 of our Defensive Pistol Skills courses, there's still plenty to learn in Combative Pistol 1. Tom will also be returning in October 2014 to offer Combative Pistol 2.


In addition to all the special events and guest instructors, we'll be offering the usual variety of Basic Pistol 1, Basic Pistol 2, Defensive Pistol Skills 1, and other short courses throughout the spring.

BLOG-O-RAMA (so much content, so little time...)

John "Hsoi" Daub blog highlights



Fall rains, the clocks changing, shorter days, colder weather all signal the start of hunting season and a break in live fire training at the A-Zone, and a bunch of holidays, football games, graduations and other events. November-January is when we slow down a bit to enjoy some of those things ourselves. I will put out another newsletter before the end of 2013 with details about the Suburban Dad conference and any other useful information.

We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew