On October 6th we'll be offering our 3 hour Personal Tactics Skills course in the afternoon. This class, taught with non-firing "red guns", covers tactics for home defense, street and vehicle defense and other topics. This course goes beyond what's covered in the Texas CHL class, including roleplaying exercises indoors and around vehicles. This course is highly recommended for family members that may not be the primary "shooter" in the household. It's a good course to discuss family tactics, what family members would do in typical armed citizen situations, and get advice on "what to do" in many common scenarios. $60.


In October 20th, we'll be offering 3 classes in one day, providing a great training opportunity that includes live fire (Defensive Pistol Skills 2), force on force scenarios (Advanced Training 2), and Low Light Shooting (live fire and FoF). These three classes cover all the key areas an armed citizen should be training in. We only offer this package twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall. We encourage you to take advantage of this special opportunity!


Tom Schaefer, Howard Nemerov and Grace Garne will host an NRA Women on Target event at the Schaefer Training Academy on October 27th. The WOT event is basically a fun shoot, mostly for .22 pistols, where ladies (and their family members) can get some informal coaching and shooting practice. Preregistration is required - enroll using our regular registration process.


There will be no live-fire classes at the A-Zone in November, due to an agreement with our range neighbors to be quiet during deer season. Tom Schaefer will offer CHL new permit, CHL renewal, and Beginner Pistol as usual at his facility. The only A-Zone course for November will be the AT-5 and -5A force on force scenario courses.

I will be available in November and December for Home Defense Tactics courses, if anyone is interested in hosting one. This 3 hour course is typically held on a weekday evening, from 7-10 pm, at a student's home. The student hosting the course gets the course for free, provided we can get 6 others to enroll at the $60 tuition rate. This course is an inexpensive way to get some great training in doing home security assessments, developing a family plan, practicing moving indoors in low light scenarios with firearms, and other essential skills. Contact me if you are interested in hosting a course in November or December.

We currently have an AT-7 scenario course planned for December 8. Depending on interest and negotiations with neighbors we may replace that course with a Basic Pistol 2 or Defensive Pistol Skills 1 class. If you are interested in either of those in December, please contact me.

On December 16th (Sunday afternoon), Chuck Rives will return to offer a 4 hour seminar on using improvised weapons for self defense. The course will include hands on instruction in basic techniques, discussion of what items can be used effectively as improvised weapons, and a training 'stick' for each student as a take-home that can be used for follow on practice. For many students, employer rules and state laws prohibit legal carry of guns, and sometimes knives. Given the choice between being completely unarmed and being able to use something within arm's reach as an improvised weapon, the smart decision is to use the available tools. This course is suitable for anyone an ideal for those with no or limited prior martial arts/unarmed training. 4 hours, $80.


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