We recently had a student use her unarmed skills to defend herself in a two-against-one parking lot attack. Unarmed skills are important, doubly so if you "only carry in the car" or only have a gun at home. Leslie Buck is offering his excellent Defensive Unarmed Skills seminar Saturday Sept 24 from 1-5 at his North Austin facility. Slots are still open. Contact Leslie to register.

Most of our October classes are full, with a few slots remaining in the classes scheduled for October 22 and 29.

In November KR Training instructor Kelli Kochan will offer the NRA Refuse to Be a Victim seminar in the College Station area, and Chuck Rives will return for a knife clinic held at the A-Zone.

We shut down the A-Zone range to live fire training from November 1 through Christmas for deer season. We may offer a few off-site classes in December and will announce those as they are added to the schedule.


Tom Schaefer has consolidated all of his phone numbers. The new phone number for Tom, and to the Schaefer Academy is 512-785-4800. Please update your records, as all of the old phone numbers are no longer valid.

KR Training instructor Paul Martin has a new book out called "Preparing for Impact: Bracing for Disasters". It's available through Texas Bar Books.


The latest(September 2011) issue of the Suburban Dad preparedness newsletter is available here, and Suburban Dad now has a blog.

Julianna Crowder (A Girl And a Gun club) was interviewed on NRA News recently. Here's the interview on youtube.


The Bastrop wildfires devastated Central Texas. KR Training assistant instructor and volunteer firefighter David Gahagan was part of the firefighting effort, and unfortunately we are aware of more than a dozen friends, students and area shooters who lost their homes and possessions to the fires. Unfortunately there have been many reports of looting in the Bastrop area, from homes and cars.

To donate to the fire victims:

Local gunsmith Hank Fleming has offered to let fire victims purchase replacement guns through his FFL at 5% over his cost and do Internet transfers for $10.

Woman killed in Home Invasion in Houston. Houston continues to have frequent home invasion robberies, several reported in the past 30 days.

"Fallen Brethren" 3 gun match, Dec 2-4, at the new Spartan Tactical range in Jacksboro, TX. Run by the same people who ran the Ft. Benning 3 gun match. They are now accepting applications. Go to this thread for more information:

Tyler shooter B.J. Norris wins the 2011 Steel Challenge. KR Training shooting team member Alexis Rodriguez placed fifth in the junior division.


KR Training Assistant Instructor John Daub, in collaboration with local IPSC Grand Master Dave Re, has developed an iPhone/iPad version of Dave Re's Practice Deck. The app is in final testing and should be available through the Apple App Store very soon.

We have been working with Law Enforcement Targets on the design of a new paper target, the "KRT-1", that Law Enforcement Targets will produce and sell. Shooters attending the Beyond the Basics class Oct 1 will get a preview, and we hope to be using the production version of the target in our late October classes. We'll also have the targets available for purchase at the A-Zone.

The Polite Society Training Conference will be Feb 24-26 at Rangemaster's home facility in Memphis. The event is limited to first 100 people to register, and will be expanded to 3 days to include more training and other events. The Polite Society event is a great opportunity to train with dozens of national level trainers in a single event. Articles about previous conferences can be found here and here. To register, contact Rangemaster.


Glock recalls recoil spring assembly on Gen4 guns.

Austin-area intelligence firm Stratfor on situational awareness.

The BBC explains why it's a bad idea to fire your gun up in the air. Sort of pointless since people living in the country where Great Britain used to be aren't allowed to have guns, and the mayor of London hates guns so much that he refused to give schoolkids free passes to Olympic shooting sports, even though they were getting free passes to all the others.

A vintage KR Training hat makes an appearance around 10:40 in this how-to-use-a-POV-camera video from KR Training team shooter Nathan T.

KR Training guest instructor Paul Gomez has posted several good instructional videos on youtube.

Action Target has a new free online video on techniques for shooting a plate rack, featuring Rob Leatham.

KR Training guest instructor Claude Werner shares a nice video compilation of all the stages from a major IDPA match.

Armed citizen in Philly wins gunfight with armed robber.

Hsoi's blog entries on

Jay blogs about firearm wounding factors.

Tactical Defense Institute instructor Greg Ellifritz' recent article on handgun caliber performance has also been widely circulated. His results support what we teach - very little difference in results between 9mm, .40 and .45 calibers, rifle and shotgun lethality 2-3x greater than any handgun.

ATF Fast and Furious

Three ATF supervisors involved with Fast and Furious have been rewarded for “the skills and abilities they have demonstrated throughout their careers.”

The LA Times just published that more Fast and Furious firearms have shown up at 11 American violent crime scenes, including “Phoenix, Nogales, Douglas and Glendale in Arizona, and in El Paso.”

Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew