In October we'll be hosting two classes taught by InSights Training. I consider both of these courses essential for anyone who is serious about being well prepared to handle the most likely situations citizens may encounter. We only offer these courses once every few years, so we strongly encourage you to take advantage of this great training opportunity.

TheDefensive Folding Knife I course is a one day teaching the basics of how to use a one-handed knife (Spyderco, Benchmade, etc.) to defeat a variety of lethal close range attacks. This course is highly suggested for women and teenagers, who are the most likely group to encounter grabs, chokes, and holds with the greatest disparity of force during violent assaults. It is also recommended for those that are frequently in situations where they cannot carry a firearm. Part of the course will address techniques for integrating knife skills with concealed carry gun skills, for those that carry both weapons.

The 2-day Street and Vehicle Tactics course teaches self defense while at work, in your automobile, when traveling, and while in public settings. More than half the course will deal with situations in and around your car. This course will include classroom lecture and roleplaying exercises.

In November we'll offer a new class, Advanced Training 7. This force on force course consists of the scenarios I've run the past 2 years at the Polite Society conferences. This course will start in the late afternoon and continue into the evening hours so that some scenarios can be conducted in low light conditions. This course is similar to our AT-2 class, without the morning lecture.

Several of you have asked about when we will offer the Advanced Training weekend (AT-1, AT-1A, AT-2) again. The courses we are offering this fall cover the same topics - some in more detail, some in less detail.
Basic Pistol 2 combined with Defensive Pistol Skills covers most of the AT-1 live fire material, and the InSights Defensive Folding Knife course covers all the knife material we teach in AT-1 plus a whole lot more.
The Low Light Shooting class we are offering Sept 20 is the same course offered as part of AT weekend.
The InSights Street and Vehicle Tactics course is similar to our AT-2 course because it teaches tactics through roleplaying scenarios. AT-2 is focused on home defense and store scenarios, and the InSights class covers "Street and Vehicle" situations, so the courses complement each other. There are lots of training opportunities available this fall.

One of our Japanese students noticed that the word "shu-to", which roughly translates to "prepared mind", described our training philosophy and sounded a lot like the English word "shooter". He thought this made a great multi-cultural pun and shared it with us. We added some additional graphics and turned it into a logo that we've incorporated into instructor students and some logo items available from our Cafe Press store. We now have 2 styles of hats and one style of golf shirt available, with more items coming in the near future.

KR Training now has our own Amazon "aStore" where you can order the books and DVDs we recommend, books written or contributed to by our instructors, knives, flashlights, gun maintenance gear (boresnakes), and just about anything else available through that we thought would be of interest to students. MP3s from Karl's three original music CD releases are available also. The link:

Tom Givens of Rangemaster will be teaching a Dynamic Marksmanship Course, Oct 18-19, 2008, Sat-Sun, in Weatherford, Texas. This is an intensive weekend course, requiring about 1,200 rounds per student. Details can be seen at Tuition is $400.00. Call 901-370-5600 to register. Students should be a prior graduate of Rangemaster Combative Pistol I or equivalent, such as KR Training AT-1, Gunsite 250, Thunder Ranch DH-1, Tactical Response Fighting Pistol, or other, or hold a Sharpshooter or higher classification in IDPA or C class or higher rating in IPSC. This is not a beginner's course.

The latest issue of the Armed Citizen Network eJournal is now online. The Armed Citizen Network is run by Marty and Gila Hayes of Firearms Academy of Seattle, and the monthly eJournal has articles from nationally known trainers.

I provided some firearms technical content to Stoker Award-winning author Jonathan Maberry's new book, Zombie CSU: The Forenics of the Living Dead. It came out on August 26st.
Copies can be purchased from our Amazon store or at somewhat reputable booksellers near you.

In an earlier e-news I mentioned an incident where a Texas CHL holder was killed in an incident where he was out late at night, unarmed. His CHL instructor posted some thoughts about that incident. I found them posted here:

Due to Hurricane Ike we rescheduled classes from Sept 13 to Sept 27. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of our students whose lives and homes were affected by the storm.

Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew