We are now set up to take credit cards at the A-Zone range, and I can also take credit card numbers over the phone for class tuition. We strongly prefer that students pay online with Paypal or mail us a check prior to class day. Students wanting to use a credit card on class day will need to arrive early since the credit card data entry and payment processing will take additional time.


The AT-5 and 5A courses coming up in November provide training in skills you can't learn shooting bullets at paper targets. All that's required to attend the November force on force courses is a CHL or completion of Basic Pistol 2. We provide all equipment and safety gear. AT-5 now includes both scenarios and sparring drills, as well as drills that integrate unarmed skills with shooting (Remember that 'close quarter shooting drill' we run in DPS1? You get to run it against a live training partner wearing a FIST suit helmet, so you can punch, shoot and move.)

AT-5 is 4 hours, $80. AT-5A by itself is 2 hours for $40. October newsletter special is both classes (6 hours) for $100.


Saturday, Dec 8th we will offer a session of our Basic Pistol 2 class, by popular demand. 9 a.m to 1 p.m., $80.

Also on December 8th we'll be offering our 3 hour Personal Tactics Skills course in the afternoon from 2-5 pm. This class, taught with non-firing "red guns", covers tactics for home defense, street and vehicle defense and other topics. This course goes beyond what's covered in the Texas CHL class, including roleplaying exercises indoors and around vehicles. This course is highly recommended for family members that may not be the primary "shooter" in the household. It's a good course to discuss family tactics, what family members would do in typical armed citizen situations, and get advice on "what to do" in many common scenarios. $60.

December 8th special: sign up for both courses for $120.

A limited number of slots will be available for BP2 graduates who want to shoot the BP2 drills and attend Personal Tactics Skills the same day. "Refresher" BP2/PTS combo price is $100.


On Sunday December 16th, from 1-5 p.m., Chuck Rives will return to offer a 4 hour seminar on using improvised weapons for self defense. The course will include hands on instruction in basic techniques, discussion of what items can be used effectively as improvised weapons, and a training 'stick' for each student as a take-home that can be used for follow on practice. For many students, employer rules and state laws prohibit legal carry of guns, and sometimes knives. Given the choice between being completely unarmed and being able to use something within arm's reach as an improvised weapon, the smart decision is to use the available tools. This course is suitable for anyone an ideal for those with no or limited prior martial arts/unarmed training. 4 hours, $80.

For those that want to get in a little shooting practice prior to the Improvised Weapons class, I will be offering a session of our 2 hour Skill Builder course from 10-12. $40 if taken by itself, $30 if you are also attending the Improvised Weapons class.


I will be assisting the Lee County Wildlife Association on October 23, as they run a day of shooting instruction in .22 pistol, .22 rifle, shotgun, archery, and black powder guns for the kids in the county schools. On November 5, I'll be working a law enforcement competition in Bryan, and on December 1 I'll be the match director for the Austin Lone Star Practical Pistol Club's monthly IPSC match. It'll be a 5 classifier stages and more.


I will be offering 3 days of NRA instructor training January 19, 20 and 21, 2013.

Why should you become an NRA certified instructor? If you are already teaching or coaching friends and family, the courses will teach you how to do it better, and give you structured lesson plans and discounts on NRA materials. Anyone assisting Boy Scouts with any of their shooting events has to be NRA certified as well. If there's interest I will add sessions of Rifle and Shotgun instructor the last week of January, for those already certified in Pistol that want to add those ratings.

If you are teaching CHL, getting NRA certified adds to your credentials and gives you lesson plans you can use to teach pre-CHL classes to help beginners. If you are interested in assisting with KR Training courses, we require all assistants to be NRA certified.

Saturday January 19, $150. NRA Basic Instructor Training and Home Firearm Safety Instructor

Sunday January 20, $125. NRA Pistol Instructor Training. Must attend the Saturday class to attend the Sunday class.

Monday January 21, $100. NRA Personal Protection In the Home Instructor Training. Must attend Sat/Sun classes as pre-req.

Attendees can also get certified as NRA Range Safety Officers by home study following completion of the course.

Anyone planning to attend these classes has to be registered by Dec 20th so I can order materials from NRA for you.


John "Hsoi" Daub blog highlights


Some videos from a recent "Midnight Express" show at Lake Bryan, with Karl on keyboards


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