Chuck Rives returns in November for a 4 hour Defensive Knife Overview. Whether you carry a firearm everywhere you go or not, a firearm is only one tool in the self-defense toolbox. A knife is a utility tool that is also an effective self-defense weapon. Chuck is certified by Michael Janich (Best Defense TV) and teaches the Janich curriculum. New photos of Chuck's training here.

I'll be offering sessions of Basic Pistol 2 and Defensive Pistol Skills 1 on December 3. If you didn't come out for the August or October sessions because it was too hot, the December classes are for you.


Our Jan-March 2012 schedule is now online. In addition to our regular courses, we'll be offering NRA instructor training in January 2012, and Tom Givens will return March 2012 for Dynamic Pistol Marksmanship. There are still a few courses in the planning stages that will be added to the schedule. I will announce those dates when those courses are confirmed

The Polite Society Training Conference will be Feb 24-26 at Rangemaster's home facility in Memphis. This year Karl Rehn and Leslie Buck will be both invited presenters at the 2012 conference. The event is limited to first 100 people to register, and will be expanded to 3 days to include more training and other events. The Polite Society event is a great opportunity to train with dozens of national level trainers in a single event. Articles about previous conferences can be found here and here. To register, contact Rangemaster.


I am considering bringing Lone Star Medics in to teach a one day Dynamic First Aid course. The course covers skills required to keep someone alive until EMS arrives. The odds that you will need first aid skills in a life-threatening situation are higher than the odds you will need your firearm. If you have invest time and money in firearms training and have no formal first aid training, you should strongly consider taking a course like this one as part of your training.

Contact me if you are interested in this course or similar training. If there is sufficient interest I will schedule a first aid course.

I am also taking recommendations for any traveling instructors/courses you would like us to consider hosting in 2012.


The KRT-1 target is now available from Law Enforcement Targets. This target was created by the KR Training instructor team for use in many of our live fire courses. It includes triangular A and B zones useful for defensive pistol skills, a variety of colored, numbered shapes useful for handgun skill building drills, and two sight-in targets with 1" grid marks.

KR Training assistant instructor John "Hsoi" Daub, in collaboration with Austin-area IPSC Grand Master Dave Re, has developed a great iPhone/iPad app containing 52 different handgun training drills. Click here to learn more about the DR Performance Practice Deck app for IOS.

Our "3 Seconds or Less" drill, as used in Defensive Pistol Skills classes, was "drill of the month" in the October 2011 issue of Concealed Carry magazine. Concealed Carry, in my opinion, is the best gun publication availble to armed citizens. The articles are written by working trainers, many from the Polite Society group (Givens, Ayoob, Farnam, McKee, Rehn). The magazine is advertising-free, and is not sold at newsstands. It's a publication of the US Concealed Carry organization. To join the USCCA, click here.


This month has seen an unusually high number of last minute cancellations. We try to work with students as much as possible to accommodate emergencies, by keeping a "wait list" of students that are interested in slots that might open due to cancellations. When a class is shown as "wait list only", if you are interested in the course, contact us and get on the wait list so that we can notify you quickly when a slot becomes available.

If you have to cancel out of a sold out course less than a week before class day, we cannot guarantee that you will get your deposit or tuition refunded or converted to credit. Tuition will only be refunded/credited if we can fill your slot with another student.


KR Training Shooting Team member Roy Stedman finished 15th in the Modified Division at the IPSC World Shoot.

LaRue Tactical Range Day coming up November 12, 10am - 5pm, Best of the West range, Liberty Hill. Expect large crowds and long lines at this very popular event.

Brazosland Pistoleros (Bryan, Texas) has started a 2nd Wednesday evening rimfire match.

Lee County homeowner uses AK-47 to shoot hay thief during nighttime incident. Homeowner now faces Class A misdemeanor charges of deadly conduct, thief charged with Class B trespassing. Why was this not considered "theft in the nighttime"? Thief was not successful in stealing hay, had not stolen property in his possession when he left the homeowner's premises.

Texas law does provide a defense to prosecution for use of deadly force to protect property. However, this case shows what can occur when deadly force is used when lives are not in immediate danger. The homeowner will now go to trial and incur the costs and hassles associated with a legal defense, which will be far more than the cost of a few bales of hay. Should he be found guilty, he would be ineligible for a CHL for years, and at best, will have to pay a large fine, and at worst, spend some time in jail.


Why we spend so much time in every class emphasizing safe gun handling:

Fascinating summary of a translated strategy document written by the Chinese military. Written prior to 9/11, it discusses the history and future of warfare. Long, but VERY highly recommended for anyone interested in geopolitics, military history, and the future of our country.

KR Training shooting team member Nathan T. has some new videos on his youtube channel

Free trial subscription to NRA Insights magazine for junior shooters now available!

Doug Koenig has a new dry fire video on youtube.

Raven Holsters, makers of excellent kydex holsters, has a new website.

"Practice NOT shooting" - great article from The Truth About Guns blog

Old vs new laws (speeding) - from Jay's blog.

"Why I carry a 9mm" - from US Carry

Shooting steel targets, pt 2 from Action Target

KR Training guest instructor Paul Gomez now has his own website. Paul has also released a series of interesting instructional youtube videos linked to his website.

John "Hsoi" Daub blog highlights

Lessons in self defense.


In addition to working for TEEX and teaching KR Training courses, Karl also plays in a number of bands in the Bryan/College Station and Central Texas area. Earlier this month, the band Midnight Express opened for 4-time Grammy nominee Joe Nichols at the Bryan Texas Reds Festival. Total attendance at the festival was estimated at 30,000 over the 2 days. HD video of Midnight Express is now available on youtube:

"Right Place Wrong Time (Dr. John)"

"I'll Love You More Than You'll Ever Know (Blood, Sweat and Tears)"


"The right to possess firearms for protection implies a corresponding right to acquire and maintain proficiency in their use; the core right wouldn't mean much without the training and practice that make it effective".

7th Circuit court ruling, Ezell v. Chicago (July 6, 2011)

Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew