Slots are still available in the Basic Pistol 2 and Defensive Pistol Skills 1 classes coming up this Saturday at the A-Zone. Get in one more good day on the range before it gets cold!


Give the gift of training! KR Training gift certificates can be purchased for any value, from $20 to $200 or even $2000, and redeemed for any class we offer. Contact us to purchase.


We'll be offering 3 days of NRA Instructor Training in January. January 14th covers NRA Basic Instructor Training and Home Firearm Safety Instructor Training. January 15th is NRA Pistol Instructor Training, and January 16th is NRA Personal Protection In the Home Instructor training. To attend on Jan 15th, completion of the Jan 14th courses is required. To attend on Jan 16th, completion of both Jan 14 and 15 courses is required.

Even if you aren't teaching formal classes, if you are taking friends, co-workers, family or whoever to the range and teaching them to shoot, the NRA instructor classes are useful. NRA instructor training familiarizes you with the NRA lesson plans and training materials, teaches you how to provide instruction to adults and children, trains you how to work with firearms in a classroom setting, how to run a multiple-shooter firing line, handle range emergencies, do a range safety inspection and more.  Particularly useful for those certified to teach CHL, as the NRA Basic Pistol course is an excellent pre-CHL class for those needing fundamentals training, and the Personal Protection In the Home teaches practical/defensive live fire skills applicable to self defense and competition. For those interested in becoming a CHL instructor, being an NRA-certified Pistol instructors places you out of 2 days of the DPS CHL instructor class.


The response to last month's query about first aid training was tremendous. We scheduled (and filled) a Dynamic First Aid class on Saturday Jan 28th, and demand was high enough that we added another session on Sunday, Jan 29th. Slots are still available in that Jan 29th class.

This course teaches the first aid skills necessary to keep someone (or yourself) alive until EMS arrives. Armed people like to say "when seconds count, the police are minutes away". The same is true for EMS. The skills taught in this course will address treatment of injuries that might occur from firearms, knives, power tools, or car accidents, as well as other major incidents. First aid training is something every adult should take, particularly those with CHLs, those in rural areas, those that care for children and/or older family members, and those that train in any kind of fighting skills.


The Polite Society Training Conference will be Feb 24-26 at Rangemaster's home facility in Memphis. This year Karl Rehn and Leslie Buck will be both invited presenters at the 2012 conference. The event is limited to first 100 people to register, and will be expanded to 3 days to include more training and other events. The Polite Society event is a great opportunity to train with dozens of national level trainers in a single event. Articles about previous conferences can be found here and here. To register, contact Rangemaster.


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Wishing you all a happy holiday season,
Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew