We have lowered our prices on CHL classes. CHL new permit is now $120, and CHL renewal is now $60. We are no longer offering prints and photos as part of the CHL package. DPS has encouraged instructors to send students to their recommended vendors for digital fingerprints and photos and is encouraging instructors to get out of the prints and photos business. Many of the CHL instructors I know have reported that DPS rejection rates for instructor-submitted prints and photos have increased for no apparent reason in recent months.


Defensive Knife Overview, 9-12, $50
You can't carry a gun everywhere, and in extremely close quarters situations, a knife can be accessed and used faster than a gun.
Unarmed skills often depend on physical strength and size, or a high level of skill to succeed.
Basic defensive knife skills can be learned quickly - anyone that uses a knife in the kitchen or workshop already knows how to cut.
Guest instructor Chuck Rives (trained as instructor by nationally known knife trainer Michael Janich) will be teaching defensive knife fundamentals.
This course is suitable for students with no prior knife, gun or martial arts experience. Strongly recommended for those that carry a gun but do not currently carry a knife as a back up defensive tool.

Personal Tactics Skills, 1-5, $50
This new course is designed to introduce students to scenario-based training using non-firing 'red guns', in a low-speed, pain-free environment.
Bad decisions, wrong actions, and poor communication (with attackers, bystanders and responding officers) can turn a winnable situation into one that ends in death or injury, or arrest and trial.
Simply having a gun and being willing to shoot is only part of the equation. Knowing what to do and say before and after the fight is equally critical.
Scenario based training allows students to practice the actions they would take before, during and after a violent confrontation.
The course will include discussion of pre-fight cues and how time and distance affect the outcome of fights.
Strongly recommended for anyone with a CHL or any armed citizen.  This course is suitable for graduates of Basic Pistol 2 or higher.

Both the Nov 20 courses will be held indoors.

1) Sign up for both the knife and tactics class at a combined cost of $80 (20% discount).
2) Sign up for either course with a friend, both of you get in for $40 each (20% discount)
3) Sign up for Personal Tactics Skills, bring a non-shooting family member or friend for $20! (non-shooter would observe only, limited observer slots available)


I will be teaching two classes on December 11th at Austin Rifle Club: Defensive Pistol Skills in the morning and Beyond the Basics: Pistol in the afternoon. The ARC range is much closer to the Austin area than our A-Zone facility. Classes are open to all - you don't have to be an Austin Rifle Club member to attend. Austin Rifle Club is one of the few ranges in the area where you can practice realistic defensive shooting skills.


January 15 & 16: NRA Basic Instructor Trainng and Pistol Instructor Training $275 Certifies you to teach the 3-hour NRA First Steps Pistol and 8-hour NRA Basic Pistol courses, which teach novices the basics of handgun shooting. Recommended for those that teach friends and family on an informal basis as well as CHL instructors and anyone that supervises other shooters.

January 17: NRA Personal Protection In the Home Instructor Training $100 (Must be an NRA Pistol Instructor to attend) Certifies you to teach the 8 hour NRA Personal Protection In the Home course, which teaches CHL-level handgunners shooting skills suitable for home defense.

Febuary 11-12-13: NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor Training $375 (Must be an NRA Personal Protection In the Home instructor to attend, 32 hour course as required by NRA Training Department). Certifies you to teach the 16-hour NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home course, which includes drawing from concealment, shooting from cover and other defensive handgun skills. Highly recommended for CHL instructors.

All of these courses will be offered at the A-Zone Range.

Details online soon. Email me if you are interested.


Tom and Lynn Givens returned in October for a terrific Combative Pistol 2 course. Tom and several other trainers we've hosted in the past (Southnarc and Paul Gomez, just to name a few) participated in the Mid-Atlantic Tactical Conference. A full writeup can be found here.

The 2011 Polite Society Tactical Conference will be held May 14-15 at the US Shooting Academy in Tulsa, OK. These conferences are a fantastic training bargain, and USSA is a great facility. Any one that has taken our Defensive Pistol Skills 1 class has sufficient training to attend. It's not just for trainers. Last year we had the highest-ever contigent of KR Training students attend. The conference usually sells out many months in advance. To register contact Rangemaster

Tom and Lynn Givens will be returning in spring 2011 to offer a special one day Women's Pistol course (taught by Lynn Givens and KR Training's Penny Riggs) and a one day shotgun course (taught by Tom). We will announce those dates in the next KR Training news!


The KR Training instructor team also made a week-long trip to the famous Rogers shooting school in Georgia, where we shot 2500 rounds over 5 days on tough courses of fire like these

Pics from the trip


Assistant instructor John "Hsoi" Daub has been blogging about his "lessons learned" from the recent Tom Givens Combative Pistol 2 course. His general report on the course is here, and there are many more follow on posts in the November and October archives.

KR Training student Jay has been blogging about his experiences attending an area police academy. Congratulations to Jay who passed his TCLEOSE exam and will soon be starting his new job working as sheriff's deputy!

Caleb at Gun Nuts Media is working on getting his Master-class ranking in IDPA, and he frequently has thought-provoking blog posts about shooting skills and training.

KR Training assistant instructor John Kochan's blog is Gun Geek Rants.


People with concealed-carry permits are wealthier and more conservative.

More Texans are carrying guns

Jim Griggs in San Antonio is selling a bunch of his steel targets. He has stationary steel and falling steel, mostly built to IPSC and Steel Challenge specs. For a complete list or information contact Jim 210 590-2924.

Practice is important. Missed shots have consequences, as this Dallas officer has learned.

Recent shooting in the Brushy Creek neighborhood near Austin.

Washington Post article on concealed carry and competitive shooting.

There is a new training range open between College Station and Houston. They will be offering a series of 'traveling instructor' courses in 2011. Details


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