We've added most of the courses we plan to offer between June 1 and Dec 1 to the 2012 schedule (click here), a total of 55 classes coming up, from beginner to advanced. The table above only shows the next 60 days. The full schedule shows everything for 2012.

We have decided to cancel our Take Your Daughter to the Range Day and encourage everyone to attend the TYDTRD event planned at the Austin Rifle Club instead.


By popular demand, another Defensive Pistol Skills 1 class added to the schedule for June 23rd.

We've also developed a Back-up Gun (BUG) oriented Defensive Pistol class, that we'll offer for the first time on July 28th. The BUG class will be an opportunity to get some realistic training with your .38 snub, pocket .380, or other short-barreled gun that you carry in a pocket or other non-holster method.


In my day job for TEEX, I provide training to jurisdictions all over the country in Critical Infrastructure Protection. We have developed a new course as part of our work for DHS, and will be offering it in Austin, Thursday, June 14th. The class is free, recommended to anyone in the emergency response, security or risk management field, public or private. Click the course name for information about the new Advanced Critical Infrastructure Protection course.


Many students have difficult finding a place to practice the skills we teach, particularly skills learned in the Defensive Pistol Skills courses. This summer we are going to offer a new program called Skill Builder. We will offer multiple 2-hour Skill Builder sessions, summer afternoons and some weekday evenings, at the A-Zone. Any shooter at any level can attend Skill Builder sessions. Everyone will shoot together, on the same firing line, running a sequence of dry fire and live fire drills. We have defined different Skill Builder drill sheets for every class we offer (some classes have multiple sheets).

When you sign in, you'll select a drill sheet that matches your level of training, and be issued the target(s) that go with that drill sheet. Every drill has a par time, for example 3 seconds. If you are shooting the Basic Pistol 2 drills, you would start at a ready position, and fire 2 shots at a full sized IDPA target in 3 seconds. If you are shooting the Defensive Pistol Skills 1 drills, you would step, draw and fire 3 rounds. If you are shooting the Defensive Pistol Skills 3 drills, you would draw strong hand only, and fire 2 rounds (strong hand only) at a specific shape on a KRT-1 target, and so on.

Each drill sequence will require 100-200 rounds (higher level drills use more rounds) and take about 2 hours to complete. All drills will be scored so you can track your progress. One or more instructors will be present to call the drills and coach. These sessions will be shooting only, no lecture. Limit of 10 students per session.

BLOG-O-RAMA (so much content, so little time...)

Real world examples of why we teach what we teach:

How fast do you read? (Fun online test)

Thoughts on a medical blowout kit for shooters from Elizabeth Waddell of Firearm User Network

Trainer Paul Gomez on the importance of medical training for armed citizens (We are hosting a Lone Star Medics Medicine X course in September)

Where are America's most peaceful cities? A lot of them are in places with lots of armed citizens.

The Huffington Post notices concealed carry clothing is a trend.

Top shooter Bob Vogel runs the "FAST" drill in a super-fast 3.34 seconds. (5 seconds is Master level).

Caleb at Gun Nuts Media discusses his "awkward path to concealed carry", reviewing all the guns and gear he's used over the past 5 years.

Good article on the pros and cons of appendix carry.

Gun rights scholar David Kopel publishes a law school textbook on the 2nd amendment.

Clever writer at The Truth About Guns manages to work multiple quotes from "Stairway to Heaven" lyrics in his article about a farm owner protecting his property from arsonists in Illinois.

Another real world gunfight video. Armed citizen/victim claims that he hesitated to defend himself because his attacker was wearing a hoodie, and he was concerned about media reaction.

Blogger Tyler Kee of The Truth About Guns mentions KR Training in his blog post about holster selection.

Trainers Ron Avery and Travis Haley on trigger control (pt. 1), (pt. 2)

Open carry signed into law in Oklahoma, goes into effect November 1.

Videos from the WWII reenactment during the recent LaRue 3-gun match (pt. 1) (pt. 2) (pt. 3- bunker assault)

John "Hsoi" Daub blog highlights

We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew