We still have a few slots open in the Ladies Only Pistol Course, to be taught by Lynn Givens, with assistance from Penny Riggs, Tom Givens and Karl Rehn. Tom and Lynn are bringing several of their assistants from Rangemaster, so everyone will get a lot of individual/personal coaching.

One slot left in the Defensive Shotgun class w/ Tom Givens on Sunday, May 22.

Interested in competition? The Beyond the Basics: Handgun /Competition Pistol 1 combo on June 25 is the perfect pair of classes to teach you the shooting skills you need to get started, and acquaint you with the rules, range procedures and courses of fire you'll encounter on match day.

The July 16 Defensive Long Gun class will be our last long gun class for 2011.

Tom Givens will return in October for his Combative Pistol 1 two-day class. This course is highly recommended for graduates of Defensive Pistol 1 or higher level courses.


Group Shooting Tips - and a discussion of why EVERY shooter should spend some time shooting slow fire groups from benchrest.

Magazine Tips - how to check springs for wear, and why you need to number your magazines. Dawson Precision now sells pre-cut, numbered pieces of grip tape for your magazines in different colors, including a "glow in the dark" option.


I've heard from several sources that ammo prices are going up, due to increased fuel costs and increased prices in raw materials. Might be a good time to put an extra 1000 rounds on the shelf.


We are back from the 2011 Polite Society Tactical Conference, held at Tulsa's US Shooting Academy, where we ran a 4 hour block of force on force scenarios. Karl placed 2nd overall in the live fire match, and KR Training advanced-level graduate (and new KR Training Shooting Team member) Tim Meyers placed 3rd overall. In addition to Karl and Tim, several other KR Training students and KR Training adjunct instructor Leslie Buck attended. Several firearms journalists, including Massad Ayoob, were documenting the conference, so there should be articles in major national magazines coming out within the next few months. Other instructors in attendance included Massad Ayoob, Marty Hayes, Wayne Dobbs (who won the match), Steve Moses, Claude Werner, "Southnarc", Jim Higginbotham, Rob Pincus and many other national level trainers from well known schools.

Useful tips from some of the Polite Society conference presentations:

-- Dialing 911 from your cell phone - how easy is it? Many "smart phones" are much more difficult to dial than older cell phones. How many actions does it take for you to call 911 on your cell phone? Can you do it one-handed? Can you operate your spouse's cell phone and vice versa? Can your kids operate your cell phone?

-- There are many online gun forums, so many that I can't monitor or participate in them all. Most of the presenters at the Polite Society conference frequent the Total Protection Interactive forum. If you are tired of random arguments between untrained goobers and bad advice from unqualified online "experts" on the forums you read now, take a look at TPI.


John Kochan continues his national TV career with an appearance on Fox and Friends, taking the reporter for a spin in the A&M wind tunnel.


Legislators vote themselves special carry rights .. and even newspaper editorial boards think that's wrong.

Campus carry, parking lot and open carry bills still in play.

Man who leaves gun accessible to child (who then takes it to school, fires it, causing injuries) faces criminal charges


Advice on how to act during a traffic stop, from KR Training graduate and sheriff's deputy "Jay". Here's part two of that series of posts.

Capitol Area Practical Shooters "Girl and a Gun" club will be running events all summer

Shooting Illustrated posts a piece by Shelley from Gun Nuts Media on concealed carry clothing options for women

Data reported in the Wall Street Journal shows that gun shows do not increase violent crime rate

Local IPSC Grand Master Dave Re posts on what skills you need to practice

USPSA 2011 Front Sight Annual - a great guide to getting started in IPSC competition

Academic "literature review" paper on rifle marksmanship training

Use of force in Europe - the "non lethal shot" technique

Local NRA Training Counselor and Hunter Ed instructor trainer Rhonda Esakov teaches a Texas Monthly reporter to shoot

Special memorial match, May 28th at Best of the West, in memory of Vance Oliver Taylor, the son of a local shooter

Claude Werner's excellent dry fire CD/DVD re-released by NRA as part of their Personal Defense video series

Bad things happen to good people: KXAN reports a chain-wielding man attacks diners

More crime in Austin: attackers set up a roadblock to make it easier to rob people in cars

Hsoi's Blog: Introduction to Range Safety and Etiquette - new videos from National Shooting Sports Foundation

Hsoi comments on Dave Re's blog post about the value of the ball and dummy drill.

Hsoi's Blog: Links to new firearm safety videos from Midway USA, with commentary

An excellent piece on situational awareness

Hsoi's Blog: A day at the range - why you need it

Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew