Many of our upcoming classes are sold out but we still have spaces in the following courses:

Saturday, May 17th, Competition Pistol 1, 2p-6p, $80, A-Zone Range (Rehn)
Saturday, June 7th, Basic Pistol 1, 9a-12p, $70, A-Zone Range (Rehn)
Saturday, June 21st, Basic Pistol 2, 9a-1p, $80, A-Zone Range (Rehn)
Sunday, July 20th, Basic Pistol 1, 2p-5p, $70, A-Zone Range (Rehn)

As always, we have CHL new permit and CHL renewal classes every month. Check the website for CHL class dates and information about classes in May, June and beyond.

This course is for people that have never shot competition. If you can pass the CHL shooting test you can take Competition Pistol 1. If you've taken Beyond the Basics, Defensive Pistol Skills or any of the AT level classes, this class is a good way to get more "trigger time" in and run drills that reinforce the skills you learned in those other courses. You'll shoot 250 rounds in this 4 hour course, where you get to try sample stages from IPSC, IDPA, and Steel Challenge. You'll also get to shoot our falling plate rack, which is used in NRA Action Pistol (Bianchi Cup), Glock Shooting Sports Foundation, American Action Shooting and American Handgunner shootoff matches. I have 4 slots left in this course.

High ammo prices keeping you from shooting as much as you want? Students can use .22 caliber pistols for the Competition Pistol course.

First Responder course handout
As part of the "Be Your Own First Responder" course I put together some lists of basic survival and emergency equipment appropriate for home, car and airplane situations. That handout is now available at

New article in Armed Citizens Journal
Marty and Gila Hayes (Firearms Academy of Seattle) have founded a new pro-gun group called the Armed Citizens Network. Board members include Massad Ayoob, John Farnam and Tom Givens. I contributed an article on force on force training to this month's e-journal: The issue also includes a long interview with Denns Tueller, who invented the "Tueller Drill", which was an important milestone in the development of defensive handgun training.

American Action Shooting Association
The AASA Nationals Challenge and Man-on-Man Shoot-offs Nationals has been "extended"  for an additional week.  Folks can shoot for score and prizes for only a $75.00 entry fee or shoot the "fun shoot" (7 stages of fire plus shoot-offs) for only $25.00 for score only.  We need more shooters to better serve our sponsors.  We had only 23 shooters because of Mothers Day, Graduations, Texas Open and other such.  We still have some nice prizes to give away for competitors.  Full paid entrants get a free raffle ticket to win one of two guns, and the winner of the Man-on-Man Shoot-offs gets a Certificate for a Bar-Sto barrel valued at $200.00  Start time is 0830 hrs Saturday at Bullet Hole Range in San Antonio. We need to start early to finish the shoot-offs early afternoon. Bullet Hole address is 2715 Grosenbacher Rd, San Antonio, TX 78239.   Please pass the word.  Thanks,  Ted Bonnet, Match Director

High Speed Videos
Roy got a new video camera capable of high frame rates. Here are some videos of guns and shooters in action. and

TX_CHL Yahoogroup
The TX-CHL yahoogroup, run by NRA instructor Mike Cox, is a great source of news items relevant to gun owners. Sign up here:

Items for Sale
KR Training student Robert W. has several items for sale - grips, scope, reloading dies and a video. Complete info on those sale items here.

May Rangemaster Newsletter
Tom Givens has published the May edition of his Rangemaster newsletter. It includes registration information about the 2009 Polite Society conference which will be held in Tulsa at the US Shooting Academy. I'll be running force on force scenarios in their shoot house. Now that the event has moved closer to us I'd like to see more KR Training students attend. There's no other event that offers attendees a chance to train with more than a dozen national level instructors in 2 days.

Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew