I started working on the March newsletter, and now it's April. Thanks to everyone that filled up our March and April classes! This calendar (and our schedule page) shows everything we are going to offer between now and August 31. That's 29 classes over the next 18 weeks!


Demand for some of the classes we offered in March and April were very high, so we added more sessions of those to our summer calendar.

Kelli Kochan is teaching the NRA Refuse to Be a Victim class in College Station through the College Station Parks and Rec Department's Xtra Education program. May 2 and 4, 6-9p each evening. Tuition is $25. Register by clicking here.

Personal Tactics Skills (May 7th) is a scenario-based class that teaches the skills you can't learn shooting inanimate targets - how to communicate, read pre-fight cues, think on your feet, and make critical shoot/no-shoot decisions. This type of training should be essential for any armed citizen. If you study typical situations involving armed citizens, you'll find that they make more tactics errors than shooting errors - yet most armed citizens believe that the only training they need is live fire target shooting.

If you've taken Defensive Pistol Skills 1, you should take Personal Tactics Skills.

The May 7th classes - Defensive Pistol Skills 1 and Personal Tactics Skills are scheduled on the same day so students can take both back to back and get a mix of live fire and scenario based training in one day, in a single-day version of our older AT weekend class.

Tom and Lynn Givens of Rangemaster return in May to offer a Ladies Only Pistol Course (co-taught by Penny Riggs) and a one day Defensive Shotgun class. The Ladies Only Pistol Course will cover material similar to our Basic Pistol 2 and Defensive Pistol Skills courses. If you plan to attend please enroll through the KR Training site.

Beyond the Basics: Handgun (June 25, 9-1) is an intermediate/advanced level technique class intended to improve students' speed and accuracy on multiple targets, particularly multiple targets at different distances. Shooting IPSC or IDPA matches and want to go faster and shoot more A's and 0s? This class will show you how! The course description includes the answer to the FAQ "what's the difference between the Defensive Pistol Skills courses and Beyond the Basics?"

Competition Pistol 1 (June 25, 2-6) provides an overview of IPSC, IDPA, Steel Challenge and NRA Action Pistol. You'll learn the basic rules, shoot some drills to hone important skills and shoot a mini-match consisting of 4 sample stages. This is a great way to find out what pistol competition is all about before you shoot your first match.

For the advanced level students: Advanced Training 6: Pistol Workout June 4 and Defensive Pistol Skills 3 August 13.


On the agenda: campus carry, shooting range protection, and a bill to force employers to allow employees to have guns in their cars at work.

Texas State Rifle Association is looking for people willing to testify at committee hearings on these issues, particularly those that don't fit the traditional "gun owner" stereotype. Contact me and I can forward your information to TSRA.


New online article explaining the differences between Beginner Pistol, BP1 and BP2.

I am quoted on the Discovery Channel website in an article about training for emergency preparedness.

According to a report released by A&M PD, as required by the Clery Act, at around 8 a.m. March 24th an unarmed student on the A&M campus was carjacked by an attacker wielding a steak knife. In other news, A&M administration continues to do everything possible to stop the campus carry bill from getting to a vote.

Latest news from the Texas State Rifle Association is that campus carry and employer parking lot bills are in danger of dying in commitee.

If you aren't already a TSRA member - join now. TSRA is the main group that lobbies for gun rights at the state level, the reason we have CHL in Texas. TSRA needs your support. TSRA dues are a small price to pay for the work that they do protecting our gun rights.

from Gun Nuts Media:

Julianna Crowder and CAPS-CHL's new "Girl with a Gun" club has a new website. They meet at Eagle Peak range in Austin.

Night matches are back - now at Astro Village range, run by Texas State Tactical, sponsored by

In Nashville, convenience store shootout caught on tape. Many great examples of bad tactics, failure to aim. Shows what happens when armed people have no training and why you need tactics/roleplaying training in addition to live fire training.

After-accident analysis of indoor negligent discharge with 12 ga buckshot shows how far shotgun pellets can go inside a building.

Video re-enactment of how a CHL student in Missouri shot and killed himself attempting to learn how to manipulate his gun with his non-dominant hand. This is what happens when you violate all 3 NRA safety rules. Tragic.

Online library of firearms manuals for dozens of gun models

Good gun handling/shooting on TV? See 4:28 to 5:16 in this clip from a Tom Selleck "Jesse Stone" TV movie. Eye and ear protection, safe gun handling, good commentary on shooting - how did this get past the network?

from John Daub's Hsoi blog:



The Polite Society Conference is hands-down the BEST training value available in the US. Dozens of trainers, hundreds of shooters, right up the road at the excellent US Shooting Academy facility in Tulsa. Last year's event had a record number of KR Training graduates present. Completion of Defensive Pistol Skills or other training that involves drawing from concealment strongly recommended for attendees.

Annual Rangemaster/Polite Society Tactical Conference, 2011
Saturday-Sunday, May 14-15, 2011, at the United States Shooting Academy (USSA) Tulsa, Oklahoma

Registration fee is $229.00. This includes all of the training segments, the tactical match, the side match, and the prize drawing.

The trainers present for 2010 will be returning, plus we will have some new trainers presenting topics. We will be expanding to take advantage of USSA's sprawling range complex, and there will be 21 instructors presenting various live-fire, hands on, and classroom training segments. This event will fill completely two to three months in advance, so sign up early to avoid disappointment. Trainers this year include John Farnam, Massad Ayoob, Tom Givens, Paul Gomez, Mike Brown, Southnarc, Will Andrews, and many more.

You MAY NOT register for this event by phone. The only way to register is to print and complete a registration form and print and complete the USSA liability waiver, and send these to Rangemaster, along with payment. Send your request for a registration packet to .

Mail-in registration may be accompanied by a personal or company check, a money order, or credit/debit card information. FAX registrations can be accepted with credit/debit card info. The fax number is 901-370-5699.
Mail entries to Rangemaster
2611 S. Mendenhall Rd
Memphis, TN, 38115.

Registered attendees will receive a detailed equipment list, list of trainers and their topics, and other information prior to the event date.

Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew