On Thursday, May 8th at 7 p.m. I'll be giving a seminar on the topic "Be Your Own First Responder" at the Riata Apartments in Austin. The focus of the lecture is to encourage people to be better prepared to take action in those critical situations where seconds count, but help may be minutes away. These situations include all emergencies: self-defense, fire, medical and natural disasters. If you know of other groups that might be interested in this no-cost seminar, let us know.

We are back from the Polite Society training conference. Karl placed 4th overall in the live fire event. Karl and Tom Hogel, along with Paul Gomez of TacPro ran 6 hours of low light force on force scenario based training for participants. Other trainers present included Tom Givens (Rangemaster), John Farnam (DTI), Andy Stanford (OPS), "Southnarc", Claude Werner & Mike Benedict (Rogers Shooting School), Rob Pincus (Valhalla), Randy Harris (Suarez International), Mike Warsocki (InSights), John Hearne & William April (Rangemaster), Mike Brown (US Shooting Academy), Steve Moses & Hany Mahmoud from Dallas, Marty Hayes (Firearms Academy of Seattle). Marty Hayes published an online review of the event here

Next year's conference will be held at the US Shooting Academy in Tulsa, OK in April 2009. Attendance is open to anyone with a CHL and training in how to draw from concealment.

Congratulations to KR Training IPSC team captain Roy Stedman who was 2nd overall and top International at the 2008 Columbia Cup IPSC match, held in Medellin, Columbia.

KR Training adjunct instructor Howard Nemerov partnered with well known gun rights author Dave Kopel on a new paper now on the Social Science Research Network: "Is There a Relationship between Guns and Freedom? Comparative Results from 59 Nations". It discusses data gathered by a highly respected international authority, the Small Arms Survey, based in Switzerland. Howard can also be heard as the "unofficial investigative reporter" on the NRA News program on Sirius satellite radio.

Western author James J. Griffin's book Big Bend Death Trap received a good review in the SASS (cowboy action) magazine. For the past several years KR Training has served as 'firearms advisor' to James, who writes a series of fictional Texas Ranger books.

KR Training assisted psychology professor Dr. Glenn Meyer with several research projects. His assault weapon study was accepted to the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, and his aggression/intervention paper (related a survey some of you were asked to complete) will be presented at an upcoming American Psychological Association meeting.

As part of SXSW, KR Training was asked by to provide a "real Texas shooting experience" to a visiting band. They brought us "The Heavy" (from Bath, England). We taught them the basics of gun safety and shooting and let them shoot some steel targets and blow up some water bottles and melons. The band also brought along some "inflatable friends" that they wanted to "shoot full of holes". The video blog entry is here

The Austin-made independent film Wildman of the Navidad (including some incidental music written and performed by Karl Rehn and KR Training graduate Andrew Wimsatt) will be shown in New York City as part of the Tribeca Film Festival. Five showings are scheduled between April 24 and May 3.

We were asked to review the draft Hays County ordnance restricting shooting on small lots and provide comments to the committee writing this proposed legislation, which was developed in response to the tragic death of a child caused by someone shooting on rural property with an insufficient backstop. Always be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

John and Julianna Crowder have started a new IDPA club called Capitol Area Practical Shooters or CAPS IDPA.
Their contact info is 512-944-2911, They shoot at Astro Shooting Village in Florence on the 2nd Sunday of the month

The Appleseed Project is a grassroots effort to preserve and pass on traditional marksmanship skills. The Revolutionary War Veterans Association is hosting an Appleseed Project shoot in Davila, TX on April 19-20. The event is a weekend rifle marksmanship clinic designed for beginner to experienced rifle shooters, teaching them how to shoot more accurately. Kids under 21 and military personnel (active and retired) shoot free. For more information:

Great computer animation of 1911 cycling and other firearms mechanical functions:

KR Training graduate Nathan Taylor has a nice Clark Custom Ruger 10/22 for sale Contact him at


Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew