There's still room in our Defensive Pistol Skills 1 class June 23rd. If you've taken DPS1 and haven't practiced those skills since then, re-taking the course is a great way to get some quality practice and refresh those skills.

We've also developed a Back-up Gun (BUG) oriented Defensive Pistol class, that we'll offer for the first time on July 28th. The BUG class will be an opportunity to get some realistic training with your .38 snub, pocket .380, or other short-barreled gun that you carry in a pocket or other non-holster method.


Don't want to get up early? Can't give up 4 hours for training? Short on cash? Can't practice the way you want to because of range restrictions? Want to double down on that morning class you've already signed up for?

Our Skill Builder course is the answer. 2 hours, $40. 200 rounds of drills, reviewing what you've learned. Bring a .22 if you want to make the day even more economical. The Skill Builder classes are offered in the early afternoons, after our morning classes this summer.


The spring got very busy and my plans to offer 1-2 Home Defense Tactics classes got overtaken by events. Several of you volunteered your homes as possible sites for weekday evening sessions of this course. I'd like to schedule a July and August session of this course. The host family gets the class for free, everyone else pays $60 for 3 hours of training, working with red guns and flashlights in a real house, talking tactics, home security and lighting. Limited to 6 students per course. Contact me if you want to be a course host or are interested in attending summer sessions of this class.


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MN permit holder disarmed, robbed with his own gun. This is the first documented incident of this I have come across in more than 20 years.

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Lessons learned?

1) Choose your CHL instructor wisely. Your instructor should understand the relevant laws and how they have been interpreted and applied in actual cases. Failure to understand the details and nuances may lead to bad decisions that could land you in jail.

2) "Don't go somewhere with a gun that you wouldn't go without a gun." - John Farnam. The shooter failed to obey this basic rule for armed citizens.

Videos from KR Training Shooting Team members

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See you at the range!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew