This past weekend I shot the Sportsman's Team Challenge Nationals down in San Antonio, as part of a 3-person team sponsored by Accurate Arms. The STC is a test of pistol, rifle and shotgun skill that's open to teams of all levels, including teams of juniors and ladies. Our team was 2nd in AA class after the first day but ended up 4th, just missing 3rd place (and the cash prize) by 15 points. One highlight of attending the event was getting to meet Olympic gold medalist Lones Wigger (who was recently inducted into the Olympic Hall of Fame and is the first shooter ever to get that honor). Revolver legend Jerry Miculek was there along with other professional shooters including Doug Koenig and Bruce Piatt. For more information about STC: Pictures of me and the team shooting at gallery/index.html

We are very proud to announce that KR Training instructor (and graduate) Justin Galindo graduates from the Houston Police Academy this week. Justin was Top Gun, Top Academic, and was an Honor Graduate, finishing 1st overall in his cadet class. His range scores were the highest the HPD academy has recorded over the past 5 years. KR Training graduate and Austin PD officer Mike M. recently graduated from police dog handler training and is now working Austin's streets with a new canine partner. Two more KR Training family members are now serving the country: Tom Schaefer's son joined the Marines, with plans to train as a sniper, and Mick McMillan's son joined the Navy, with plans to become a SEAL.

Congratulations to assistant instructor Betsy Riggs, who will marry Cliff Tilbury later this month.

Matt down at Lone Star Gun Range is throwing an Independence Day party July 5th to celebrate our freedom to Keep and Bear Arms. On the 5th there will be free admission (no range fee), free BBQ as long as it lasts, and loaner guns available for people to shoot. If you are shooting the loaner guns you will have to buy ammo from the range, but he has special ammo prices for the event. Since this is a live fire shooting event, NO alcohol will be allowed on the range. For more information contact Matt at 512-801-2624,, or

KR Training assistant instructor and NRA News reporter Howard Nemerov has a new book out: "Four Hundred Years of Gun Control: Why Isn't It Working?". This well-researched book provides a good overview of the history and philosophy of gun control laws and show their consistent failure to reduce violent crime through presentation of crime statistics. Howard is a former gun control advocate who became pro-gun as a result of his research on the issue.

As we explain in class, dry firing is essential to develop handgun skill. Dry firing doesn't require ammo or driving to a range. Polite Society member and Rogers Shooting School instructor Claude Werner has created a new interactive learning tool for dry fire and live fire practice, including two data CDs with audio, video, targets and other content. It can be ordered online from Turn off those summer reruns and spend 10 minutes a day dry firing. It will make you a better shooter.

At the STC last week I met the founder of Armor 4 Troops. This non profit foundation spends 98.5% of its donations sending protective gear to troops in combat zones. If you have a friend or family member serving in a combat zone, you can send a request to Armor4Troops and they will send that person anti-ballistic eyewear and other gear. Of course they also take tax-deductible donations to support this effort.

Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew