Thanks to everyone that took our survey! Contest winner D.B. has claimed the $80 gift certificate. We've added a bunch of classes to our September and October schedule, with a few classes in November and December. Your survey responses indicated that

If you asked for rifle, carbine or shotgun classes in our survey, sign up for Defensive Long Gun Sept 10th.

If you've been asking for Advanced Training weekend, we scheduled Defensive Pistol Skills 2 , AT-2 (Scenarios only) , and Low Light Shooting all on Oct 29th. It's like a one day mini AT-weekend!

Tom Givens of Rangemaster will be returning to offer his Combative Pistol 1 course October 15-16. This two day, 900 round course will cover material similar to our Defensive Pistol Skills 1, 2 and 3 courses, and cover Low Light Shooting on Saturday evening. Interest in this course is very high, with only 7 slots still open. If you've taken Defensive Pistol Skills 1 and are ready for more, this is a great training opportunity!

To all of you that asked for more Home Defense Tactics courses, I need "host houses" to schedule more of these classes. The way it works is this: you volunteer your house. We schedule the course from 7-10 pm on a weekday that works for our schedules. Then you can make the class a private course, open only to people you invite, or I advertise to the entire KR alumni list. In order for the class to "make", I need 6-10 paying students, at $60 each for the 3 hour class. If you host, everyone in your family attends for free. HDT is a very useful, practical (and fun) class. Contact me if you want to host a course!

We've added a Testimonials page where we are collecting some of the nice things students have said about our training online or in emails. If you have a quote you want to share for that page, send it to us!


Lone Star Gun Range owner Matt Billingsley died in a heavy equipment accident in June. This was a terrible loss for his family and the shooting community. John Sizemore and the Billingsley family plan to keep the range open. I know they would appreciate your continued business and support.

The Capitol Area Council (Boy Scouts) will be offering NRA instructor training courses in October. Click here for details.

Austin Rifle Club has changed its membership application process. ARC now requires all applicants to pass a safe gun handling, range etiquette and shooting test. KR Training is one of several local firearms schools have been designated "approved training providers" by ARC. If you are planning to join ARC, contact us for more details.

The "A Girl and a Gun" club is hosting IDPA shooter Gordon Carrell for a ladies only class October 6 & 7 and a coed class October 8 & 9. Contact Julianna Crowder at The Glock Girl for information.

Austin Self Defense is hosting an Israeli Instinctive Shooting handgun course Friday, July 15th. Details here. They plan to host additional courses with this instructor through the weekend, including a handcuffing course and a team tactics course. Contact Dan Kiser at Austin Self Defense for information.

One of our students has started writing a preparedness newsletter. Take a look at the first issue here.


The "Parking Lot" bill passed the Legislature and was signed by the governor. That means that your employer cannot prevent you from having your gun in your car at work (if you have a CHL). The law goes into effect Sept 1, 2011.

The other big gun bill that passed and was signed into law was a range protection bill,  SB 766. This provides additional protection for shooting ranges against frivolous lawsuits.

DHS has a new free online course "Active Shooter, What You Can Do". While it doesn't address direct armed response, it does cover all the other steps that could be taken to protect yourself and others in this situation. Click here to take the course.

Cawthorn Cartridge Club will start holding 3 gun matches on the 4 Saturday and Sunday of the month (this is a one day match, shoot one of both days). We are located between Navasota and College Station 70 miles north west of Houston. Expect 4 to 5 challenging stages; shots out to 500 yards, jungle run with shots out to 180, all in natural terrain.


Great video of the wrong way to train, and why the SERPA holster is a dangerous design. Includes footage of the guy actually shooting himself in the leg (includes R-rated language) and a slo-mo replay. This video should serve as a sobering reminder that drawing a pistol quickly requires precise, proper technique, mastered through dry fire practice at a reasonable speed. You don't master the skill by switching between two different types of guns and two different complicated-to-operate holsters, trying to show off for the camera or impress yourself with your blazing speed.

KR Training Shooting Team member Nathan Taylor has two new videos on youtube, showing match day from the perspective of a new shooter. Part 1 is here, and Part 2 is here.

Great video of a gas station incident in Dayton, Ohio, where a permit holder shoots an attacker. Those that have taken the Personal Tactics Skills course (coming up again August 6th!) will recognize this situation as one we discuss in class. The permit holder makes several tactics errors that result in him ending up using deadly force to survive.

Two links about a recent home invasion attack in Burnet. They cut the phone line, took the cell phones from the people inside, tied them up, beat them and raped the wife. One of the 3 had worked for the couple as a gardener. This story has most of the details about the incident itself. This follow up story covers the trial and sentencing of the attackers.

Hsoi's blog entries on

KR Training gets mentioned as the "gold standard" for force-on-force training in a podcast.

Shooting the Ninja Glock.

Woman killed by stray bullet fired in Houston gunfight, charges filed against the shooter.

Pharmacist who shot his fallen attacker 5 more times after the attacker was down gets life in prison. Situations like this are why our Personal Tactics Skills and AT-2 courses are important. Proficiency with your firearm is only part of the solution. Tactics courses train you in all the important things you should do (and not do) before and after a shooting incident.

Wisconsin passes concealed carry legislation, NRA sues the state of Illinois, which is now the only state in the country without some form of concealed carry permit.

Arizona state senator points her laser-equipped Ruger .380 w/ laser at a reporter during an interview, in response to his question about her carrying concealed. End result of the media and gun blogger uproar over this incident of unsafe gun handling? Arizona state senator now signed up for a free class at Gunsite.

Nice video of a California cop interacting with a citizen engaging in "open carry" of an unloaded gun (legal in California) as a public political statement.

New training site: for a monthly fee you get access to videos from some well known trainers.

KR Training instructor Brian Brown recommends the Console Vault - good quality car safe that fits specific vehicle models.

Finally - if you haven't been following the scandal involving the BATFE's "Fast and Furious" operation that allowed over 2000 guns to get into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels, resulting in the death of a US Border Patrol agent and dozens, possibly hundreds, of citizens on both sides of the border, you need to educate yourself about it. The story, originally broken by bloggers, gained national attention when ATF agents disgusted with the behavior of their own agency appeared on "60 Minutes". The scandal now appears to involve BATFE, FBI, DEA, Attorney General Eric Holder and other high-ranking officials in the current administration. The DOJ, in particular, has stonewalled Congressional investigators.

The NRA has an online petition calling for President Obama to fire A.G. Eric Holder. I encourage all gun owners to sign this petition. AG Holder is a committed enemy of gun rights who has sought to reinstate the 1994 Assault Weapon ban and magazine capacity restrictions ever since taking office. This week President Obama signed a new executive order instituting new gun control measures, using Executive Branch power to bypass Congress. This new order advances his "blame the border state gun dealers" agenda, in an attempt to draw attention away from the fact that the only reason border state gun dealers were selling guns to straw purchasers and cartel members was that the BATFE was pressuring those dealers to make the sales, as part of the "Fast and Furious" operation.

Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew