The latest schedule is here. We've added a bunch of classes to the schedule, including more sessions of Basic Pistol 1, Basic Rifle 1, Basic Pistol 2, and Defensive Pistol Skills 1, along with sessions of Defensive Long Gun Essentials, Skill Builder, Beyond the Basics, and Competition Pistol. We will be adding more classes to the calendar for May-August in the next 30 days.

Our friend Leslie Buck at Tactical Arts also has some unarmed and knife short courses planned for the spring.

MASSAD AYOOB MAG-20 - March 8-9, $450

We will be hosting Massad Ayoob in March, for his 20 hour MAG-20 classroom course. It will be held at the Norris Conference Center at Northcross Mall. Cost is $450 because tuition includes a catered lunch each day.

Mas is the #1 expert in the country on armed citizen legal issues. There isn't anybody else in the training business that offers anything similar.  If you train with Mas and you get into a shooting incident, he will come work on your legal defense if needed.  It's not poor marksmanship or a slow draw that results in criminal charges; it's doing or saying the wrong thing, or shooting the wrong person.  The core topics of the MAG-20 course are covered in the Texas CHL curriculum, but MAG-20 goes into much more detail and depth.

This course is a special event, possibly a one-time opportunity to attend without having to travel out of state. This is Mas's first class in Austin. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this rare training opportunity.

Registration for the MAG-20 course is through KR Training. Use "guest instructor" as the course name. $225 payment required.


Several KR Training instructors will be taking the 3 day "Civilian Response to Active Shooter" course taught by Paul Howe at his facility near Nacogdoches, Texas at the end of January.

Karl will be presenting again at the 2014 Polite Society conference in Memphis in late February. Caleb Causey and Leslie Buck will also be presenting at the conference. The conference is sold out.

Karl and Penny will be presenting multiple sessions at the 2014 "A Girl and a Gun" conference in Waco, March 20-23. Slots are still open in the conference, which will include classroom and range training events.

Caleb Causey's Lone Star Medics is hosting the 1st annual Field Medicine Conference in Dallas, March 29-30, with session tracks for professional medics and laypeople. Like the "Polite Society" and "Girl and a Gun" conference, this conference is yet another great training opportunity to learn from multiple national level instructors over a busy weekend.


STUFF FROM HSOI (blog highlights)

Looking for a 3 gun shotgun? A KR Training graduate (Austin area) has a Mossberg 930 for sale. 24" Blackwater edition + a bunch of upgrades. $1100. Contact Kurt Gruber at for details and links to videos of the gun in operation.

We look forward to training you in 2014!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew