We have added courses for February and March to our calendar. This is the list of classes that still have openings.
There's also space in our monthly CHL classes except for Jan 10 new permit which is sold out.

Many of you have asked for Basic Pistol 2 so we've added it on Feb 7. Also on that day we've added an Advanced Training 3 course. It covers shooting and gun manipulation (drawing, reloading, malfunction clearing) using one hand, from the ground and from other awkward positions.

To those that have been asking for an AT weekend: we won't be offering a full AT weekend this spring, but we are offering most of the components as separate courses. If you take Defensive Pistol Skills and Low Light Shooting on March 7, you'll get everything normally covered in AT-1 and 1A except for the unarmed and knife sessions. We are offering Advanced Training 2 (force on force scenarios) on February 28th as a standalone course.

Tom Schaefer will be offering an introductory shooting course similar to NRA First Steps Pistol. The course is called "Ladies and Youth Shooter Course" and it's intended primarily for women and those under 18 with no or limited shooting experience. Students will fire .22 pistols for the majority of the course, with some drills shooting 9mm handguns at the end of the course. This 5 hour class will cost $105. Loaner guns and ammo are included in the tuition. Contact Tom at 512-785-4800 for more information.

We are pleased to announce that in September we'll be hosting Tom Givens (Rangemaster) and Southnarc (Shivworks) for their 20 hour Combined Skills Course. There will be a Friday evening session in the classroom, followed by two full days with Southnarc and Tom. Students will be divided into small groups to work with each trainer and rotate all weekend. Students will work with Tom on pistol skills for real fights. Southnarc will cover Managing Unknown Contacts, Practical Unarmed Combat, and In-Fight Weapon Access. This is a unique opportunity to obtain dove-tailed training in integrated pre-fight management skills, empty hand skills, and street proven gun skills. $400 tuition.

Concealed carry now legal in national parks.

Texas State Rifle Association now offers a weekly e-newsletter with Texas gun rights news. Membership in TSRA not required to get the e-newsletter.
TSRA will be lobbying the Texas Legislature for concealed carry on college campuses and open carry next session. TSRA is a great organization and every Texas gun owner should be a member. We have CHL because of TSRA lobbying efforts. The current TSRA president, Dan Walker, is a retired DPS firearms instructor who ran the CHL instructor training program for DPS after CHL passed.

The Austin chapter of Safari Club International (SCI) is holding its annual Hunters' Heritage Banquet on January 13, 2009 at the Renaissance Hotel in Austin Texas. If you're a hunter or angler this should be an great event to attend. There will be many Auction Items from all over the world. Tickets are $100 each.

Southnarc will be in Houston March 27-29 to offer his Extreme Close Quarters 1 and 2 courses. Contact Ferrell Munson at for more information.

Austin Rifle Club is offering another free Action Shooting Demo on Sunday, January 11, 9a-3p. Come find out what IPSC, IDPA and Steel Challenge are all about!
Also coming up at ARC: "Post CHL #1" class, taught by KR Training graduate Mark Berglund. Sunday, January 25, 9a-5p.
Women and the Shooting Sports (ladies only). Saturday, Jan 31, 9a-4p.
For more information: Hugh Morrison,, or

InSights is now offering a new 2 day "back up gun & deep concealment" course, covering the use of pocket guns, snubnose revolvers and other less-than-optimal equipment and carry modes.
*** if you are interested in KR Training hosting this course, please let me know. ***

- note the commentary by the reporter responding to complaints from readers about his statement that these attacks happen in "gun-free" zones.
“In other words, while it was once considered suicide for a lone officer to take on an active killer, it is now considered statistical homicide for him not to do so.”

A superb illustration of a Glock in operation.

Garret Keizer – the Progressive Case for Guns

Methodical tests of what you lose or gain in velocity for different barrel lengths in 13 popular calibers. Uses a variety of ammunition you might actually load. Includes methods, documentation, and honest-to-Browning data sets.

Force Science News : Memory and the Law
The document, "Guidelines on Memory and the Law," prepared by the research board of the British Psychological Society, was distilled from input by prominent memory scholars in the U.S., England, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel. "It's not unusual in officer-involved shootings, for example, for shortcomings in officers' memories or contradictions with what other witnesses remember to be regarded as evidence that officers are lying or being evasive, when what's really involved is the basic, uncontrollable biology and psychology of memory itself." says Dr. Bill Lewinski, executive director of the Force Science Research Center at Minnesota State University-Mankato.

Law Officer magazine account of a police gunfight where a violent criminal didn't stop until being shot 22 times with a Glock .40. Recommended reading for those that carry a low capacity gun and no spare magazine, expecting that 5 rounds of .38 should be enough to stop one attacker. Also recommended reading for those expecting magic results from any handgun caliber.

and finally - I've updated my music website to include some new free downloads of live recordings of recent shows I've played. The 12-20-08 show at Luigis in College Station was a memorable gig with some excellent renditions of some jazz standards in the "cool"/Blue Note style of classic 50's combo jazz

Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew