We added a few more classes to our fall 2011 schedule: another Basic Pistol 2 on August 27th, and two classes from Leslie Buck (Impact Weapons and Defensive Unarmed Skills) on Sept 24th at the Tactical Arts North Austin facility.


KR Training instructor Tom Hogel recently traveled to Memphis to attend a 2 day, 20-hour Armed Citizen's Rules of Engagement course taught by Massad Ayoob . That course included studying the summaries of hundreds of hours of prison interview with violent felons as to their victim selection process, reviewing shooting autopsy studies about what works to stop a fight and want doesn't, and learning how to be prepared to defend yourself against the legal system should you be forced to defend your life with a gun.

Hogel and Ayoob

He also attended a one day Advanced Pistol Skills Course at Rangemaster, taught by Tom Givens. Tom Hogel took his new S&W M&P 9 to the pistol course. It worked very well for him - he shot a perfect score on the graduation test.



The Babes with Bullets program will be running a women only handgun course Nov 4-6 at Best of the West in Liberty Hill. This program is taught by some of the top women shooters in USPSA, including Kay Clark Miculek (the top female USPSA shooter of all time). KR Training's own Penny Riggs was involved in the early phases of the Babes with Bullets program, and is mentioned in the "Babes with Bullets" book. The two primary instructors will be two-time IPSC World Champion/nine-time USPSA National Open Handgun Champion/fourteen time USPSA National Multi Gun Champion, Kay Clark Miculek; and current World IPSC champion (and Top Shot competitor), Athena Lee.  Additional instructors will be added depending on the number of campers.  Instructor to student ratio will be approximately 1:6. This course is best suited for students with some shooting experience, up to those that are interested in getting started in shooting competition.

The latest issue of the Suburban Dad preparedness newsletter is available here.


Texas gun store foils terrorist plot - gun store in Killeen provides critical lead to potential Ft. Hood attack.

Groom killed after wedding reception fight (Houston, where else?)


I recently took the DHS/FEMA online course "Active Shooter, What You Can Do". It's a well-done class that covers a wide range of actions you can take to escape, evade, delay, deny, or deter an active shooter. Fighting back is discussed in the proper context, which is "if your life is in immediate danger". While it doesn't discuss armed response, it does suggest some unarmed and improvised weapon options that have worked in other incidents. It also does a nice job of explaining what law enforcement is likely to do when they arrive on scene, based on current training programs.

The current issue of American Handgunner includes an excellent Massad Ayoob article about the Tucson/Giffords incident. It includes details about the actions taken by citizens on scene that were not widely reported in the mainstream press. According to Ayoob, one citizen hit the shooter in the head with a folding chair, a retired Colonel tackled him, and a 61-year old woman ripped the fresh magazine from his hand. A carry permit holder ran to the scene and arrived after the unarmed citizens succeeded in stopping the shooter.

The DHS course is free, and the best content I've seen so far regarding general advice suitable for a wide audience. I encourage you to share the link with co-workers, family and friends.



A detailed write up on the Osama Bin Laden takedown.

Dawson Precision has a handy PDF file showing how to find the optimal front sight height for your gun.

This video has a nice analysis of the fundamental design flaws in the SERPA holster and how they led to the self-inflicted shooting caught on video last month.

Deputy Jay, with an explanation of the charges you'll face if you are carrying with a CHL and get busted for DWI.

Austin-area shooter Nathan T has a new YouTube Channel focused on hunting.

Last month's newsletter included a link to video of an Oceanside, CA officer interacting with an open carry gun rights "protester" looking to capture police misbehavior on video. In that video, the officer demonstrates professional behavior even when the armed citizen is less than cooperative responding to questions.

This month, video of Canton, OH police officers harassing and threatening a CHL holder during a traffic stop surfaced. During the video, one officer tells the permit holder that he could "draw my Glock .40, put 10 bullets into you.. and my partner will lie about it to protect me". The officer is unprofessional, abusive and emotionally out of control. This video has gotten national attention beyond the gun culture, including discussion on many law enforcement websites.

Lawyer Promotes Anti-Gun Concealed Carry Myth

Guns save lives. In Washington DC, a gay activist is attacked, and his attackers flee when they believe that he's reaching for a gun inside his backpack.

Hsoi's blog entries on

Guns 'walked' by BATFE into Mexico into cartel hands have been linked to more than 150 deaths, including the deaths of two US law enforcement officers. The Obama administration continues to deny, deter, and delay the investigation, which has revealed evidence that DEA, FBI, DOJ and AG Eric Holder were all aware of the program and supported its methods and goals. Updates on this major story, which is still being largely ignored by the mainstream media, here:

What lead to Project Gunwalker (Brownsville Herald)

Jackie Speier: Pass More Gun Control to Stop Mexican Smuggling

ATF Agents Admit Mistakes

Eleanor Norton: Gun Lobby Controls Congress

Special Agent Canino, ATF Attaché to Mexico, Decries Gunwalker

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Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew