Our summer schedule is here. Many courses are already sold out. Due to high demand for the Defensive Pistol Skills 2 course, we will offer a second section of that course on July 6 in place of the previously scheduled Basic Pistol 2. We also just added a session of Lone Star Medics' Medicine-X Every Day Carry on Sept 28-29.


KR Training assistant instructor Brian Brown, as part of volunteer group Team Rubicon, traveled to West to assist with response to the explosion. If you haven't yet donated anything to help the victims and their families, here are some links:

Donate to Team Rubicon for response

Donations to West: Donations can be mailed to POINTWEST Bank. the State National Bank in West, Texas or can be donated online to via Paypal.

Donations can be designated to the following:
- Victims of West Explosion General Fund
- West ISD
- Knights of Columbus
- West Rest Haven


The 142nd annual NRA convention will be held in Houston, May 3-5. Access to the exhibit hall is free for NRA members and would make for a fun 'day trip'. Other events, including concerts, seminars, forums, and speeches, require tickets that can be purchased through the event website. Attendance is expected to be over 70,000. Concealed carry is allowed at the convention.

Note: The Houston Hilton Americas across from the Brown Convention Center has a 30.06 sign posted, so we don't recommend that you stay here or do any business with them.


Returning to the schedule this summer: Defensive Pistol Skills 1 Backup Gun. This 4 hour, $80 course is an opportunity to train with your subcompact pistol or snubnose revolver: that pocket gun you carry a lot and never practice with because it's no fun to shoot. A previous DPS-1 BUG class was documented in this article for Concealed Carry magazine.


We're offering several sections of our new Defensive Long Gun Essentials class this summer. It's 2 hours, 60 round, $50. Very little lecture, just drills relevant for personal defense use of a long gun. Pistol and rifle ammo is expensive and hard to find, but shotgun ammo seems to be available at reasonable prices. You can shoot the course with any long gun (rifle, shotgun or pistol caliber carbine, even a .22) We've paired it up as the afternoon class after many popular classes on the schedule, to make it easy for you to get some long gun practice time in without spending too long in the summer heat.


We will be hosting a 2 day competition pistol course taught by Robert Vogel on August 3 & 4. Robert is an IPSC Grand Master and IDPA Distinguished Master in multiple divisions, with World Championship titles in both IPSC and IDPA. The two-day course will include content useful to competitors in both IPSC and IDPA. Tuition is $450, ammo required is 800 rounds. Register for this course with KR Training through our usual process.


Team KR Training did well at the 2013 Space City Challenge. Roy Stedman, 3rd overall, 2nd Open Grand Master. Tim Meyers, 3rd B class. New team shooter Zeb Pomerenke won the Single Stack division.


Karl has an article in the current issue of Concealed Carry magazine, detailing the Lone Star Medics "Medicine X- Every Day Carry" class we hosted in fall 2012. Brian Brown and Leslie Buck provided the photographs for the article. We will be hosting the Med-X-EDC course again on September 28-29, 2013. Registration is now open for the September session.

Excellent article on school security, from a former Navy SEAL who is now a school teacher. Yet another example of realistic suggestions that the country should be considering, instead of engaging in political theater over gun control laws that will only affect the law-abiding.

2012 DPS Gang Report. Should be required reading for Texans.

Stupid gun owner breaks all 3 NRA gun safety rules, shoots self in shoulder with birdshot pulling a loaded, off-safe, uncased shotgun from trunk by the muzzle end, posts pictures on his blog. (graphic, NSFW)

CAT scans of guns (cool images, available for purchase as art prints)

Parody tactical instructor "Rick Taylor" demonstrates his M&P17 Warrior Handgun

Texas CHL holder becomes "test case" for arguing the nuances of PC 46.02 and PC 46.15. Does the law allow carry of "illegal" weapons other than a handgun with a CHL?

Online review of Ben Stoeger's "Practical Pistol" book, from Texas military blogger John Buol Jr.

"40% of all gun sales do not involve a background check" NOT TRUE - as explained by The Truth About Guns.

The media suppressed information and lied in reports about the Sandy Hook killer.

Review of a bag designed for off-body carry.

One of the many reasons we recommend NOT getting involved in conflict between strangers: Navasota car dealer manager shot after intervening in a fight in a strip club parking lot.

Humor site article on guns contains some interesting observations. Worth reading. (adult language)

Trainer Greg Ellifritz discusses tactics for violence at church. survey of 15,000 cops shows significant opposition to Obama gun control proposals, support for concealed carry.

The Truth About Guns blog provides a convenient guide for journalists covering gun violence.

Ammo shortages affecting the Border Patrol.

Armed employees shoot back at robbers in Round Rock jewelry store robbery

Medical skills you should know, relevant to terrorist attacks.

Austin's Julianna Crowder and local "Girl and a Gun" club members featured in this CNBC piece on the growing popularity of the AR-15 rifle with women.

John "Hsoi" Daub blog highlights

Late spring and early summer are great times to get out and shoot or just enjoy being outdoors, before the temperatures hit triple digits.

We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew