The Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Pistol Team, coached by Karl and Penny, competed in the All Army Scholastic Steel Challenge match in March at Ft. Benning, Georgia March 17 and 18, placing 4th overall.

Nice video from Roy Stedman of a falling steel match shot in Copperas Cove.
Team member and IDPA shooter Tim Meyers earned his Master rating in CDP division, giving him Master status in 3 of the 5 IDPA divisions.

Team KR Training cleans up at the Texas State Steel Challenge in Corpus Christi. Roy Stedman won Steel Master (optic, iron and .22 combined), Thomas Rodriguez was 2nd Steel Master, and Alexis Rodriguez was 1st Junior. The match also made the local TV news...on two stations.


Many students have difficult finding a place to practice the skills we teach, particuarly skills learned in the Defensive Pistol Skills courses. This summer we are going to offer a new program called Skill Builder. We will offer multiple 2-hour Skill Builder sessions, summer afternoons and some weekday evenings, at the A-Zone. Any shooter at any level can attend Skill Builder sessions. Everyone will shoot together, on the same firing line, running a sequence of dry fire and live fire drills. We have defined different Skill Builder drill sheets for every class we offer (some classes have multiple sheets).

When you sign in, you'll select a drill sheet that matches your level of training, and be issued the target(s) that go with that drill sheet. Every drill has a par time, for example 3 seconds. If you are shooting the Basic Pistol 2 drills, you would start at a ready position, and fire 2 shots at a full sized IDPA target in 3 seconds. If you are shooting the Defensive Pistol Skills 1 drills, you would step, draw and fire 3 rounds. If you are shooting the Defensive Pistol Skills 3 drills, you would draw strong hand only, and fire 2 rounds (strong hand only) at a specific shape on a KRT-1 target, and so on.

Each drill sequence will require 100-200 rounds (higher level drills use more rounds) and take about 2 hours to complete. All drills will be scored so you can track your progress. One or more instructors will be present to call the drills and coach. These sessions will be shooting only, no lecture. Limit of 10 students per session.


Sanborn Shooters in Smithville, Texas, will be hosting an Appleseed rifle event April 21-22. For more information or to register, click here.


As part of the Larue Multigun match, the Nimitz Museum Living History led by the fearless Marvin Schroeder will be reenacting a battle complete with flame throwers and tanks. Please come and see what we they have to offer. They'll be performing Sunday the 22nd of April. Spectators are welcome so bring your families. Admission will be
$5. The match itself is already sold out. More information at the official site.

2nd Annual "Rough Riders" 3-Gun Match, Ft. Hood Friday, May 18

3-gun match, limited to iron-sighted guns (no optics allowed in any division). $25 match fee, includes lunch. Contact for more information.


KR Training will be participating in the national Take Your Daughter to the Range Day event on June 9. It's an opportunity for young women (and their families and friends) to have some fun shooting.

We will set up a variety of reactive and stationary steel targets on both of our shooting areas, and have the range open from 9 am to 2 pm (possibly later if there's interest). The targets can be shot with any .22 caliber rimfire gun, and centerfire pistols. We will have tables set up with fixed firing positions for standing and benchrest shooting. Cost will be $10 per shooter for one hour of range time. Pre-registration is required. We have limited range space, so slots will be reserved in 1 hour increments. Participants should bring their own guns, ammo, eye and ear protection. We will have guns, ammo and safety gear available for rent also.

If you are an NRA certified instructor willing to work as a line coach/range officer for this event, contact me.


I recently purchased 3 sets of Howard Leight Impact electronic hearing protectors
They are a great value for under $50. Click here to purchase from our Amazon store.
I prefer hearing protectors with NRR 26 or higher. These are NRR 22 which is OK but not great - the easy fix for that is to wear plugs underneath if too much sound gets through the electronics.  For the money, though, these are better than the cheap Peltors, and work better with long guns than the Peltors.

Next Level Training just introduced a lower cost laser dry fire pistol, the Performer. Discounts available for NRA instructors, law enforcement and military.

S&W has introduced the new M&P Shield - a single stack 9mm similar in size to the Ruger LC9, Beretta Nano and other small 9mm pistols. We can't recommend this gun yet, because it just came out this week, but we will get one soon. Based on our positive experience with the larger M&P models, this new gun could be the single stack 9mm we've been waiting for.


Real world examples of why we teach what we teach:

Thoughts on an every day carry medical kit from Paul Gomez

Advice for new AR-15 buyers from Texas gun blogger "Nick Leghorn"

Another Leghorn article explaining all the parts of the AR-15

NY's Village Voice newspaper exposes misreporting of violent crime by NYPD

Packing Pretty has started up a Pinterest board filled with fashionable concealed carry options for women

Gun Nuts Media discusses the "carry optic" (small red dot sight) and links to good threads on other sites on this subject.

North Carolina law limiting gun rights during emergencies struck down as unConstitutional

John "Hsoi" Daub blog highlights


I am selling my Vang Comp-built Remington 1187 12 gauge semiauto shotgun. It is the "Police Magnum" model shown here. Includes LPA Ghost Ring Sights with a tritium front sight, Non-Ported Vang Comp System, VCS dome safety, VCS magazine follower , black synthetic stock, matte black finish. This gun retails for $1640 new, asking $1100.


I am working on final plans for July and August classes. We will offer morning classes in July and August, with Skill Builder sessions on class day afternoons, along with a few weekday evening Skill Builder sessions and possibly some Home Defense Tactics courses in student homes.

We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew