Many of our upcoming classes are sold out but we still have spaces in the following courses:

Saturday, May 10th, Basic Pistol 1, 9a-12p, $70, A-Zone Range (Rehn)
Saturday, May 17th, Basic Pistol 2, 9a-1p, $80, A-Zone Range (Rehn)
Saturday, May 17th, Competition Pistol 1, 2p-6 p, $80, A-Zone Range (Rehn)
Saturday, June 7th, Basic Pistol 1, 9a-12p, $70, A-Zone Range (Rehn)
Saturday, June 21st, Basic Pistol 2, 9a-1p, $80, A-Zone Range (Rehn)
Sunday, July 20th, Basic Pistol 1, 2p-5p, $70, A-Zone Range (Rehn)

As always, we have CHL new permit and CHL renewal classes every month. Check the website for CHL class dates and information about classes in May, June and beyond.

This course is for people that have never shot competition. If you can pass the CHL shooting test you can take Competition Pistol 1. If you've taken Beyond the Basics, Defensive Pistol Skills or any of the AT level classes, this class is a good way to get more "trigger time" in and run drills that reinforce the skills you learned in those other courses. You'll shoot 250 rounds in this 4 hour course, where you get to try sample stages from IPSC, IDPA, and Steel Challenge. You'll also get to shoot our falling plate rack, which is used in NRA Action Pistol (Bianchi Cup), Glock Shooting Sports Foundation, American Action Shooting and American Handgunner shootoff matches. I have 2 slots left in this course.

I will be available to teach a limited number of weekday evening private lessons at the A-Zone Range in June and July. 1 hour is $60 and 2 hours are $100. If there's a specific course you are interested in taking this summer, let me know. There are several major competitions coming up this summer and I'm offering a reduced schedule of courses to free up some weekend dates to attend local matches and practice for the bigger events.

Austin Rifle Club is running an NRA RSO course on Sunday, May 4th from 8am-6pm. Cost is $100 per student. To sign up contact Hugh C. Morrison Education Director, Austin Rifle Club 512 294-8321 (cell) 512 331-4584 (FAX)

Texas State Rifle Association legislative rep Alice Tripp is collecting data on how long it takes to process a CHL, at the request of Rep. Joe Driver who is the chairman of the Law Enforcement Committee. They need your contact information, the date the package was sent to DPS, how long it took to get the license, whether the licensee contacted DPS and what they were told and any other relevant info. Send this data to Alice Tripp at

A change to carry rules in National Parks has been proposed that would make the carry rules in national parks the same as those in the state parks. In Texas that would allow permit holders to carry in national parks. The proposed change in National Park carry rules as well as a place to comment can be found here [www_regulations_gov]. The change was put in motion by pro-gun politicians in Congress but there is strong opposition to this from within the Park Service and of course from the gun control movement. As usual those opposed are misleading the public, claiming that if the change is implemented that gun owners will be allowed to shoot anywhere anytime withn national parks. In reality the change does not alter existing rules about shooting in national parks and simply allows permit holders to carry concealed while hiking and to follow applicable state laws regarding use of deadly force. If you support this change, please visit the government site and add a comment supporting this change.

Tired of high ammo prices? One way to shoot more for less money is reload your own ammo. I have a used Dillon Square Deal reloading press with accessories, set up to load .40 S&W, for sale for $250 (a new one costs $340). Also available are some components: 500 180 gr FMJ bullets ($40), 2 lbs of Power Pistol powder ($20) and a box of .40 brass (used, probably 500 pieces, $25). A PACT chronograph is also available for $150. Must be picked up in person at the A-Zone range.

Glock raised prices on their magazines by about 40% last week. A wise gun owner should have a minimum of 4 normal capacity factory magazines for each handgun. Those that own high capacity guns that are not Glocks may want to consider purchasing spare magazines now before other manufacturers follow suit and raise their prices also. Glock's announcement has already caused panic buying and many online retailers are currently sold out and taking backorders.


Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew