2013 Suburban Dad Survivalist Preparedness Conference




The Suburban Dad Survivalist First Annual Preparedness Conference
Saturday, January 5, 2013
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Cabela’s, 15570 Interstate 35,  Buda, TX 78610
Admission: $25 in advance, $35 at the door

Need some guidance on how to jump start your preparedness plan?  Is getting better prepared for emergencies one of your new year’s resolutions? 
This conference will feature a number of knowledgeable speakers aimed at providing guidance to the typical urban or suburban resident who wants to become better prepared for a challenging world.  Some of the subjects covered include:

Firearms, Ammunition and Training Options for Preppers.  Karl Rehn of KR Training lends his decades of expertise on this subject.  Many people make critical mistakes when selecting firearms to defend their homes and families during extended emergencies.  Karl will draw upon his experience and the lessons learned in previous disasters to provide a coherent plan for acquiring the right kinds of weapons, ammunition and training for the grid down environment.  I'm pleased that KR Training is an official sponsor of this event.

Psychological Aspects of Use of Force and Preparedness.  Glenn Meyer, Ph.D. and Professor of Psychology at Trinity University will present on psychological considerations those who are preparing for short to long term emergencies.  His talk will focus primarily one of his areas of expertise - the psychology of firearms usage.

Financial Planning For 2013.  Amit Agrawal, Associate Vice President and Investment Officer of Wells Fargo, is a first generation Indian American, attorney, and good friend of mine.  He will share his expertise on what we might see in 2013.

Alternative Energy Options.  Vern Williams, an electrical engineer, will present on the various options available to urban and suburban residents, along with the pros and cons of each system.

Food Storage Strategies.  Presented by yours truly, I will share with you lessons learned from my many experiences with storeable foods over the years. 

True Stories From Search and Rescue.  Brian Brown, an operator with Team Rubicon, draws from his vast experience of working in grid down, post-disaster environments to share lessons of what strategies worked for people - and which ones didn't.

Investing in Precious Metals.  Jerid Colwell of Stonewall Constructors has created a very simple strategy to understand the intricacies of investing in physical metals; he will share his system with us.

What EMS Wants You To Know.  Justin Moore, a paramedic from the Bryan/College Station area, will provide guidance on what we should have in our first aid kits and what to do until EMS arrives.

Situation Report for 2013.  I will be providing my thoughts and analysis on what things we should monitor in the coming year.

Building Community With Preppers.  Vern Williams will pull double duty and share lessons learned from the Preparedness Peace project offered in many churches and civic groups.

In addition, there will be various door prizes awarded throughout the presentation - and you must be present to win!

And much more –
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