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Stage 7 - Swiss Miss

Swiss Miss was the 'Craig' stage - another crazed adventure from the mind of Craig Nishioka. In this stage, you started in the Starting Gate, holding the ski poles. On the start signal, you engaged two poppers and a target from the box, then started your 'run'. The course had poles set up like a slalom course. The shooters had to move between the poles to get to each port or get procedurals. To make it worse, the ports were covered with orange snow fence. At the end of the course a 'mogul' with a low roof required shooters to scrunch down to engage the targets planted under the port. Most people leaped off the platform to get to that last bank of targets.

Here's the stage diagram.

Steve smokes the first target.

Penny says 'don't fence me in!'

Through the poles, past the target, nothing but...snow fence?

Huston slaloms the corner. Judges rate this move a 9.6.

Penny gets down on the low targets.

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